Finding Life At Summit Vista After Full-Time Work

April 3, 2020

Like any new stage in life, retirement comes with its own fair share of uncertainty for what lies ahead. As such, it would seem almost inevitable that most retirees (as well as prospective retirees) would admit to experiencing some level of trepidation when speaking candidly about what their future holds.


For Summit Vista residents, however, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is this community of active individuals making the most of life after full-time work, they’re bursting at the seams with positivity for everything retirement has to offer.


The following are some of the more commonly shared concerns surrounding retirement and how these retirees are facing them head on.


1 – Retirement requires some adjustment

Retirement is generally a life event most people look forward to with eager anticipation. However, many quickly discover that having a spouse home full-time or going from days of career-minded purpose to days of unstructured free time can be a bit of a challenge. As with anything, a little understanding and time is all it takes to find what works best for you.


“I guess I wasn’t as prepared for my husband to retire as I thought I was. And I don’t think he was either. It took us a bit to figure things out. That’s one of the many reasons Summit Vista has been so amazing. There are activities within the community we both enjoy doing together, but we also have opportunities for a little personal time when we need it, too.”


2 – Who says retirement is boring?

It’s a common misconception that, without a full-time job to keep you occupied, retirement ends up being endless days filled with lots of time and not much to do. To compound the issue further, this perception of retirement-boredom is believed to lead to retirement-unhappiness. However, most retirees are finding their freedom years to be quite the opposite.


“Retirement at Summit Vista has been anything but boring. In fact, I think I may be even busier now than before I moved in—and that’s not a bad thing. Once I got away from all the time-consuming chores of housework, bills, or even grocery shopping, I discovered more time to do all the things I had originally planned to do in retirement, like visit with the kids, travel, and serve in the community. Now it’s hard to find enough time to accomplish everything I have planned—and that’s a good thing.”


3 – The decision to downsize is made by choice

One of the hardest decisions many retirees face is the decision on whether to downsize or not. After so many years in the family home, or after decades of accumulating possessions that are tethered tightly to memories, it’s hard to not to be a little sentimental. However, more and more retirees are discovering it’s not only possible to downsize or cut their living costs, but it’s quite freeing, as well.


“I never thought I would move into a smaller home. The idea parting with so many of my treasures was simply out of the question. But when I finally made the decision to move into Summit Vista, I actually found it easier to downsize than I thought it would be. I think I realized most of my stuff was just stuff—and the things that were important, I was able to bring with me or pass on to my kids and grandkids. Now I see it as a relief. You don’t realize how much of a burden stuff is until you get rid of it, I guess.”


4 – Planning for retirement pays off

In today’s world of shrinking pensions and minimized government benefits, the need to plan for retirement has never been more imperative. However, planning for a satisfying retirement is just as important as planning for an effective retirement. And that can take as much work as building a successful career.


“We spent the majority of our lives saving for retirement without once considering what we were going to do with those savings once we retired. It wasn’t long after retiring that we began asking ourselves, now what?” Summit Vista was the answer to that question. It might seem corny to say, but this Life Plan Community truly gave us a plan—not to mention a much more fulfilling retirement life.”


5 – Retirement is a process

If there is one aspect of retirement that is a certainty, it’s that there’s no one-and-only way to do it. Not only is retirement guaranteed to be unique to each person, it also rarely unfolds according to plan. As individuals, our specific needs, preferences, and desires are bound to change over time. That’s why it’s important to keep things open and flexible.


“For me, living my [retirement] life to the fullest doesn’t mean having every second planned out ahead of time. Every day at Summit Vista is new and brings something different. My job is to enjoy it as it comes. As I do, I’ve found my expectations evolve too. It’s nice to know my opportunities are as limitless as I allow them to be.”


6 – How will my health and finances hold up?

Those nearing retirement often worry about the uncertainty of their future health needs or financial circumstances. Understandably, either one could affect their ability to live the retirement lifestyle they desire. These concerns often lead to deeper questions regarding where they’ll receive the care they need, how they’ll afford it and, most importantly, who will take care of everything if they aren’t able.


“As great as Summit Vista is, there’s nothing it can do to stop me from getting older. But that hasn’t stopped me. And a big reason for that is the comfort I have in knowing this community is my home for life. Not only do I have access to higher levels of healthcare if I need it, Summit Vista also has a well-structured financial model in place that takes the worry out of retirement now and years from now.”


At Summit Vista, we realize your expectations for retirement are ever-changing. You want to maximize every moment, discover new possibilities and, most importantly, find the peace of mind to achieve a happy, healthy future that’s free of concern—all while living the active life you choose to lead. We want that, too. For more information about the benefits of moving into a Life Plan Community, speak with your retirement counselor, or call 866-567-6415 today.