4 Strategies For Finding Peace Of Mind During The COVID-19 Outbreak

April 6, 2020

If you’ve turned on the television or been out and about recently, it would seem nearly impossible not to see how the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted the world’s equilibrium. In light of these events, how are you reacting? Do you feel anxious or threatened, or are you calm?


With everything transpiring around us, it would be perfectly normal to feel a little out of sorts or even out of control. But in times like these, it’s also important to remember the one thing that remains within our power: the ability to find and maintain personal peace of mind.


Fortunately, there are many strategies to help us navigate uncertain times and provide a measure of comfort.


Strategy 1: Remain calm

Nothing is accomplished by panicking. Not only do fear and unchecked anxiety limit our ability to proactively and productively manage the situations we face, they drain us of our energy, making us less effective in arriving at helpful solutions. In times of stress and uncertainty, a positive attitude and a functional immune system are our best course of action and strongest line of defense.


Strategy 2: Be inventive

It’s easy to feel as though life has been put on pause with all of the current restrictions being enacted throughout the world. But those restrictions shouldn’t deter us from making the most of what will always remain within our power: our ability to find joy in life. Even as situations change, we have the ability to find new, inventive ways to provide for our mental, physical, social, and spiritual needs.


Strategy 3: Protect yourself

There are several measures you can take to prevent illness or avoid being exposed to viral infection. But protecting yourself goes beyond health precautions alone. It also extends to other aspects of your well-being, too. Your finances are foremost among them. With volatile economic downturns as an unwanted casualty of a pandemic, making sure your financial and physical health is protected may be among the most important ways to maintain your peace of mind in retirement.


Strategy 4: Remember, you’re not alone

During a pandemic where social distancing, quarantining, or even isolation may be required, it is easy to feel as though the interpersonal connections we love and value most have been disconnected, leaving us suddenly existing adjacently, rather than jointly. But it’s important to remember, as unique as these circumstances may be, you’re not alone. And finding new ways to connect socially, emotionally, and spiritually abound.





For residents of Summit Vista, as well as for their extended family members and friends, great comfort comes from knowing safety and security needs remain a top priority within our community. Not only are robust health and safety guidelines in place for all our residents and staff members during these unprecedented events, simply having 24-hour security and first responders on site offers the peace of mind needed to put a wary mind at rest.


“Inventiveness knows no bounds.”

Many Summit Vista residents chose to make our Life Plan Community their home because it offers exactly that: Life (and lifestyle) with a plan. Even within the confines of social distancing and shelter-in-place limitations, residents are relishing opportunities to continue living active, healthy lives—thanks, in part, to the benefit-rich opportunities available within the community, including on-campus fitness possibilities, art and movement studios, educational classes, community activities, restaurants and cafés, convenience markets, a bank, a salon, and more.


“Protected from the unexpected.”

While downsizing from the family home to an apartment home may be viewed as a monumental change for some, many Summit Vista residents found it to be a liberating move that freed them from the worry and expense of home ownership, thereby allowing them to rest assured knowing the retirement they worked so hard for would remain intact and protected. Our innovative financial plan supports this effort by making the maintenance-free Summit Vista life affordable and effortless. Moreover, our continuum of health and wellness services also add to that reassurance by making life-long care an available and easily accessible benefit to all residents at every stage in life. Without either of these two things to worry about, you’ll be able to spend more time concentrating on what matters most: your retirement.


“There’s comfort in community.”

Perhaps the greatest benefit our residents find is that Summit Vista truly is a community in every sense of the word. Within this vibrant village are the smiling faces of hopeful and welcoming friends who are eager to build meaningful relationships and share in life’s joys with one another. Even when the world around us flares its teeth or when circumstances impose limitations, there is peace of mind and security to be found in Utah’s first Life Plan Community. This truly is living.


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