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Community and Resident Videos

What better way to learn about Utah’s first Life Plan Community than from its current residents? There’s truly a place for everyone at Summit Vista.

Mission Moments:

Writing the Next Chapters Together


The Mullers and Mike

When the Mullers moved to Summit Vista they took full advantage of the fitness programs. See the ways they chose to stay active and feel great.

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Rhoda and Paley

Rhoda moved to Summit Vista shortly after her husband had a stroke. Luckily, Paley was there to help make the transition smooth.

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Laura and Rufus

Laura recounts an experience that made her feel like she truly had a home at Summit Vista.

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Peter and Mark

One of Peter’s favorite hobbies turned into one of Summit Vista’s most popular activities.

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Christiaan and Klaus

Summit Vista brought them together, but it was their similar backgrounds that made their friendship strong. Meet Christiaan and Klaus.

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Carol and Sarah

Carol has always loved gardening. Here’s how her passion blossomed at Summit Vista.

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Karen Tuttle & Gloria Allen

From the first day they met, Karen and Gloria forged a connection at Summit Vista. They found their purpose through a shared love of sewing.

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Elva Orton & Linda Hermansen

College roommates Elva and Linda remember the surprise and delight they felt when they reconnected unexpectedly at Summit Vista after sixty years.

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Katharine English, Savannah Swindlehurst & Jeff Odekirk

Little things matter. Katharine shares how Savannah and Jeff of Summit Vista help her in small ways that take big worries off her shoulders.

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Resident Testimonials:

Our residents share why they enjoy living at Summit Vista.


Bob Gauthier

Bob shares how Summit Vista has allowed him to focus on what he really enjoys.

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Steve Smith

Steve has had a wonderful experience at Summit Vista. Here are a few of the highlights.

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Liz and Bob Moll

Liz and Bob talk about the peace of mind they feel, living at Summit Vista.

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Penny Cherrix

Penny didn’t anticipate her space at Summit Vista being so perfect. Here’s what she has to say about it.

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Geri McConaugh

Geri first heard about Summit Vista in a newspaper ad. She looks forward to spending the rest of her life here.

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Barbara Wine

Barbara learned about Summit Vista when she attended a luncheon event. In this video, she talks with her daughters about the ways Utah’s first Life Plan Community has helped her build a new life.

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Summit Vista

Don’t just learn about it, come see it for yourself. Summit Vista is the perfect place to settle down or to energize your life. We can’t wait to meet you.

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