Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Summit Vista

March 13, 2020

Over the last couple of weeks, Summit Vista has been refining infection control policies and procedures based on information from the CDC and Utah Department of Health regarding COVID-19. As such, we’re taking every precaution necessary to ensure the physical, mental, and emotional health and safety of our residents, as well as the surrounding community.


Included in these measures is our robust infection control policy that includes five levels of safety protocols depending on the severity of an outbreak. Currently Summit Vista is operating at level two.


What does this mean?

In addition to the (level 1) efforts of EducationPrevention, and Preparation currently taking place within our community, here are the three major changes going into effect immediately:


  1. Mandatory Screenings: There will be a screening of all visitors, vendors and contractors before admittance into the Summit Vista campus.
  2. Mandatory Sanitization: In addition to screenings, mandatory sanitization will be enforced for all residents, personnel and visitors prior to entering Summit Vista.
  3. Increased Housekeeping: Summit Vista staff will be increasing the frequency of housekeeping within residence and public spaces to sanitize and minimize the spread of germs.


Moving Forward

We understand this is a very sensitive and complex issue and will continue to monitor the situation closely, as well as be in contact with the Department of Health for any new developments.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Summit Vista administration office or Community Life for assistance.