What Is A “Continuum Of Care?”

September 9, 2019

As you begin exploring your retirement living possibilities, you may be introduced to the term “continuum of care.” While the concept of a continuum of care may not be new, how it relates to your health and wellness in retirement—as well as where you decide to retire—is vitally important. As such, a little information and understanding would certainly go a long way, especially as you make important life and living decisions.


So, what is a continuum of care?


A continuum of care is simply the increasing intensity of healthcare services you will need as you age. In other words, as you get older or enter new stages of life, your health needs also change—often requiring greater attention with certain aspects of daily living or a higher level of clinical services provided by skilled health care practitioners. Summit Vista is a Continuing Care Retirement Community that has multiple levels of care on our campus so that we can meet our residents’ needs for life.


Independent Living — Assisted Living — Memory Care – Skilled Nursing


Independent Living is an option for individuals who are able to live comfortably and safely on their own. They manage their own health care needs while enjoying the benefits of community living that include staying active, healthy and fully engaged with life.


Assisted Living care provides customized care for those who need support throughout their day from experienced care givers. Care services can include assistance with medication management, dressing, meal preparation, recreational activities and other daily needs. Residents live in their own apartments and maintain their independence while enjoying all of the amenities of community living.
Memory Care is a safe and secure environment for those with cognitive and memory related challenges. Compassionate staff provide programming that supports residents’ current interests as well as encourages them to be engaged in stimulating activities in a supportive, home-like setting.


Skilled Nursing, available through our Skilled Nursing Center, offers two types of care: Short-term Medicare stays for individuals whose focus is rehabilitation and recovery and Long-term Care for those who need nursing care due to complex medical conditions. Our 1,500 sq ft state-of-the-art therapy gym is staffed with Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists to assist residents to meet their goals and improve quality of life.


Where you fall on this continuum will not only inform you or your loved ones of the care you currently need, it will also inform them of how to plan for the possible care you may require in the future.


This is where a LIFE PLAN COMMUNITY can be immensely beneficial.


When considering a move to a retirement community—especially when you’re still relishing your independence—it’s easy to focus on the immediate perks the community offers, such as location, amenities, and lifestyle opportunities. But one of the most important factors to consider in your decision is your personal plan for every phase of the health continuum. Equally important is the need to consider how the community you choose will help you achieve your plan’s goals, as well as help you avoid the uncertainty and stress often associated with health changes or having to move from one location to another in order to receive proper care.


Some communities are focused on a specific point along the continuum of care, such as those dedicated solely to independent living or assisted living residence. While others, such as Life Plan Communities, are equipped to offer lifestyle opportunities paired with a complete continuum of care to support you through all phases of life. This innovative life-plan model not only produces better health outcomes that provide more fulfilling and meaningful experiences in retirement, it also allows residents to live comfortably knowing they have a home for life that offers affordable, priority access to whatever care they may need, whenever they may need it—all in one easily accessible community location. And that kind of peace of mind is priceless.


To learn more about the continuum-of-care possibilities available in a Life Plan Community, call 385-715-1280 to speak with one of our retirement counselors today.