Wallpaper makes a comeback

August 21, 2019

Not long ago, it seemed wallpaper had been peeled from all design trends. But now that tried-and-true wall covering is back, and it’s crafting an intrepid resurgence with modern, sleek options for every area of the house. Here are a few creative uses to upgrade your home’s style:


COVER THE CEILING. Wallpaper on the walls is expected. But wallpaper on the ceiling is a new way to add visual interest to any space. Use it strategically to highlight a light fixture or other overhead feature.


LINE SHELVES AND CABINETS. Give your built-in shelves, bookcases, cabinets, and drawers a spark with swatches of patterned or solid-toned style.


FRAME IT AND HANG IT. A bright, bold wallpaper can easily become a beautiful piece of artwork. Cover a canvas and attach a frame to add a splash of personality to any room.


FEATURE THE FURNITURE. Ditch the arduous effort of sanding and staining furniture to give it a new look. Instead, line the surface area with a textured wallpaper to make it eye-catching.