5 Ways a Life Plan Community can Lead to Better Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

February 8, 2021

Ask today’s senior adults what their plans for retirement are, and you’ll likely hear, “Living well and staying active, without having to worry about my changing needs.” But what does that mean, exactly? More importantly, how is it accomplished?


For many, the idea of a happy, healthy retirement revolves around the idea of “aging in place” with specific emphasis centered around the ability to live safely, independently, and comfortably. To achieve this, more and more seniors are seeking Life Plan Communities for the superb living experience they offer, as well as the maintenance-free services that make it possible for them to get the most from their retirement.


But there’s so much more to it than simply living comfortably. Below are five ways a Life Plan Community can lead to better physical, mental, and emotional health for your today, as well as for your tomorrow.


  1. Life Plan Communities provide better health outcomes

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a major shift in the way care is provided. And nowhere is that more evident than within a Life Plan Community. Because everybody is different with uniquely different needs, Life Plan Communities take into consideration the different factors of each resident’s wellness at every stage of life. This extends to everything from community enrichment activities, clubs, and groups to amenities that promote health and fitness to higher levels of care available right on campus—should they be needed. By offering this personalized attention to health and wellness, a Life plan Community is able to ensure better health outcomes for a better retirement, regardless of age or ability.


  1. Life Plan Communities help residents live actively and independently for as long as possible

Living well means so much more than simply being healthy. It means being free to do what you want, when you want to do it—for as long as you are able to do it. People of all ages want to be in control of their lives and their decisions. By providing the right tools, programs, and amenities to nurture good health and further independence, Life Plan Communities make it possible for residents to age confidently and successfully—without many of the limitations typically associated with age.


  1. Life Plan Communities encourage a healthy lifestyle

Let’s face it. It’s far easier to live healthy—and remain healthy—when your lifestyle encourages it. Among the predominant features of a Life Plan Community are the opportunities for residents to stay physically active, eat well, and remain engaged in order to promote wellness in all aspects of life. You’ll see it everywhere. Healthy living is woven throughout every aspect of the community. From the state-of-the-art fitness center to the indoor pool, the variety of delicious and nutritious dining options to the educational classes and seminars, or even the accessible healthcare navigation services to the available continuum of care options, the possibilities to get out or care for your health are endless, which all lends to more fulfilling and successful aging.


  1. Life Plan Communities provide peace of mind

No one wants to worry about the what ifs, especially as they relate to personal health and safety. That’s why Life Plan Communities are designed to provide the peace of mind in knowing your short- and long-term needs will be taken care of with as little disruption to you, or your loved ones, as possible. In addition to the safety of a gated community that delivers round-the-clock security and EMT personnel, residents also enjoy the comfort of having access to higher levels of care right at their doorstep. These include assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and other services. Having this kind of peace of mind not only helps you feel more secure in your senior years but will also help you remain happy and healthy in life.


  1. Life Plan Communities increase happiness

Studies consistently show that people are happier (and healthier) when they’re actively engaged in meaningful activities and surrounded by friends and loved ones. As we’ve all discovered over the last year, there’s a lot of comfort to be found in being part of a community. And where there’s comfort—with the freedom and ability to pursue interests, passions, and desires—there’s also happiness. Additionally, the maintenance-free living offered in a Life Plan Community can free up your time to travel, volunteer, or seek continued education. All of which lead to a more fulfilling and significant retirement.


Ultimately, the goal of any Life Plan Community is to provide you or your loved one with the best opportunities to live well in all aspects of life. We realize your expectations for retirement are ever-changing. You want to maximize every moment, discover new possibilities and, most importantly, find the peace of mind to achieve a happy, healthy future that’s free of concern—all while living the active life you choose to lead. We want that, too. For more information about the benefits of moving into a Life Plan Community, speak with your retirement counselor, or call 866-410-7604 today.