Warding Off Jealous Children and Grandchildren

February 24, 2017

At Summit Vista, you’ll discover amenities so good, the monthly visits from family might change to every day.

They’ve arrived. It’s their first time. You’re nervous, but excited. They walk through the door of your modern, stylish “Devonshire” apartment, fixed up with all of your furniture, artwork, and pictures of them, and they gasp, “Wow, this is amazing.”

And your response: “Wait until I show you the rest of the place.”

At Summit Vista, you and your family will be surprised by how much there is to explore and enjoy around the 105 acres of perfectly planned community living. You may even have to put a limit on their number of monthly visits.

Activities for the whole family

The Summit Vista community is rich with many recreational opportunities for you and your family to enjoy. Pursue something active together, or kick back and relax. Either way, you’re in for some good, old-fashioned quality time with these ideas:

– Plan a picnic
– Attend a movie screening
– Play pickle ball
– Have lunch on the patio
– Learn a new board game
– Go to a religious service
– Walk the grounds
– Take a cooking class

Keeping the grandkids coming back

If you’re ever worried about keeping your grandchildren entertained during their visits, look no further than Summit Vista’s amenity list. Grab the goggles for a game of Marco Polo at the pool; dive into the craft studio to repurpose pinecones and pipe-cleaners; set up a scavenger hunt along walking paths and nature areas; and finally, cross “Fun” off the list.

These are just some of the activity options available to you as a unique member of the Summit Vista community. There are countless others to discover. And don’t forget, the entire Salt Lake Valley is always moments away as well. But most of all, if your family ends up enjoying themselves too much, happily remind them a spot at Summit Vista will be waiting for them when they “come of age.”