Creating Opportunities for New Social Interactions

February 16, 2017

We’ve found your niche—among hundreds of other like-minded retirees. Find out how Summit Vista’s endless list of clubs, recreational activities, and social gatherings will keep you thriving.

You’ve just finished potting perennials with your neighbor in one of the onsite garden areas. You’re all smiles. Now what? Is it time to throw in the towel? Not yet. You need to polish off the last section of that titillating treatise before book club in an hour. And don’t forget, dinner at six sharp with the other couple on your hall. And hmm, maybe a nice soak in the hot tub afterwards would be the right finishing touch—just you and your spouse.

Oh yes, the old stereotypes about retirement are long gone. With myriad opportunities for social engagement at Summit Vista, it’s time to remove “stagnation” from your vocabulary. Here are just a few reasons you’ll find yourself interacting with the people just like you.

Surrounded by fellow peers

Your old neighborhood was filled with individuals from every generation and stage of life. That can keep things interesting, but it can also lead to social distancing and gaps in understanding of personal needs. At Summit Vista, you’ll be immersed in an environment with peers who share your interests, goals, and same values. Relating has never been easier.

Organized events, trips, and gatherings

Getting a little tired of the routine? Head to Friday’s social at the clubhouse with your dancing shoes poised and ready. Or join some of your more intrepid travelers on the bus trip down to Zion National Park. There’s also clubs centered on diverse hobbies, group aerobics, and even language-learning courses. Try something new and meet someone new!

From Après Ski to the 19th Hole

You can still do all of the things you love. But now you have a larger pool of people to share those things with (not to mention, an actual swimming pool). Your wife isn’t a huge fan of hiking? There’s sure to be someone in your building who is. You can even organize a hiking club and start planning weekly treks to foster additional interest.

Providing you with deeper social connections and a higher quality of life is not just woven into our community’s mission, it’s our deepest pleasure. Learn more about the Summit Vista retirement community and reserve your spot today by clicking here. But hurry, our apartments are booking up quickly!