The Value of Summit Vista

June 3, 2016

Living in the Salt Lake Valley means you have access to national parks, two mountain ranges, sporting venues, museums, architectural wonders and the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere.

You also have four distinct and beautiful seasons. But as a homeowner, the seasons can mean a lengthy to do list.

Autumn brings blowing and falling leaves. Whether you wait for all of the leaves to fall or incrementally rake and bag leaves each week, leaf removal is the biggest time thief on your fall chore list. And let’s not forget that autumn is also a time to clean out gutters, drain and store garden hoses, turn off outdoor spigots, store patio furniture and winterize your home.

Winter ushers in cold—and snow. The Salt Lake Valley sees an average of 51 inches of snow each year with June through September as the only snow-free months. For homeowners, this means shoveling lots of snow or hiring someone to remove the white stuff. If you like a roaring fire, factor in buying and stacking a cord of wood—and don’t forget about splitting the wood.

Spring is synonymous with spring cleaning. Not only does the interior of your home deserve a thorough cleaning of baseboards, air vents, and furniture, the exterior demands attention too. Power washing of siding, cleaning windows, fertilizing the lawn, mulching and tilling the garden require time, energy or the added expense of hiring someone to fulfill your honey-do list.

Summer’s warm temperatures and hot sun set the stage for growth—and that means a perpetual cycle of grass cutting, edging and weeding. Add a garden to the mix and you now have to water, harvest and weed your plot of land.

The seasonal chore list is just the tip of the iceberg. Homeownership means progressive upkeep or replacement of roofs, trim, appliances, water heaters, HV-AC systems and more. Whether you take a DIY approach or hire a handyman, home ownership requires time and money.

If you’re contemplating how you want to retire, consider the value of Summit Vista living.

With chores off of your list, you will have time to join a water aerobics class or swim laps. Tap into your creative side by tinkering in our woodworking shop or expressing yourself in the craft and arts studio. Enjoy the great outdoors without being a slave to the outdoors. Practice puts on the putting green, cultivate a container garden or walk the miles of pathways within our gated community.

Less time on home maintenance means more time socializing with friends, discovering a new hobby or enhancing your physical fitness in our state-of-the-art wellness center.

You’ve worked hard all of your life. Now it’s time to carve out more “me” time. At Summit Vista, our world is your playground. To learn more about our Life Plan Community or to schedule a visit to our information office, contact us at 801-758-3138.