Family and Friends: Our Doors are Wide Open

June 10, 2016

You’re on the brink of making a decision to move into a Life Plan Community. The endless amenities, robust services and continuum of care satisfy your desire to plan ahead, enhance wellness and eliminate the hassles of home ownership.

But does leaving your home mean saying good bye to entertaining family and friends? Absolutely not. Utah residents place family and friends as a high priority. At Summit Vista, we couldn’t agree more. In fact, our Life Plan Community is designed with a sense of community and family in mind.

The people who live in Life Plan Communities tend to be rather social individuals. We know that your days of entertaining are not winding down, but most likely ramping up. So we’ve answered a few questions that might be on your mind.

Will my apartment be large enough to host small dinner parties?Summit Vista’s spacious apartments feature open floor plans, making them the perfect place to gather with family and friends. With plenty of space for a full-size dining table, everyone will have a seat at the party. And your modern stainless steel appliances will help make dinner preparation a breeze. Not to mention the 62,000 square foot clubhouse on the Summit Vista campus, with rooms and private dining for larger gatherings.

My out-of-town sister visits me twice a year. Can she stay with me in my new apartment? Our two-bedroom apartments are designed for overnight guests. The second bedroom often doubles as a guest quarters or office space, and many apartments feature a guest bathroom. Summit Vista will also offer guest suites on campus for visiting relatives. So tell your sister to pack her bags!

I have 13 grandchildren and every holiday season we build a gingerbread house. Will there be a space to accommodate us and continue this family tradition? A large arts and crafts studio will be one of the many attractive amenities at Summit Vista. Here you’ll have space to spread out in an area designed for creative work.

My son likes to take me to dinner. Can we dine together on campus?Deciding where to dine will be your toughest decision when becoming a Summit Vista resident. You will have a choice among three dining venues—and the menu options will satisfy the most discerning tastes!

Our family likes to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day by going out to brunch. Can I host brunch at Summit Vista? We have ample dining venues, both indoor and outdoor, for entertaining our residents’ family and friends. With advance reservations, we can accommodate large groups and work with you to plan your special day.

My husband and I play bridge, but our bridge club often consists of eight or more people and I’m not sure an apartment would be the best place to host them. A prominent and central feature of Summit Vista’s campus is the 62,000 square-foot clubhouse. Whether you choose to reserve a private room or make use of the clubhouse’s open space and ample seating, you’ll have many options to entertain friends.

My grandson enjoys his “Poppy time.” No longer owning a home, I wonder what we’ll do when we get together. The amenities at Summit Vista may overwhelm him! Be it bocce ball, billiards, putting, swimming or woodworking, the options for great adventures will be endless.

At Summit Vista, our doors are wide open to family and friends. Our state-of-the-art community places social relationships at the center of everything we do. You’ll start to think of your new home as an adventure in dining, entertaining, playing—and most importantly—creating memories with those you love.