The Hottest Trends For Boomers In 2022

February 22, 2022

Despite recent lockdowns and limitations, the world seems to be moving faster than ever—and staying in the know of what is happening around us can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we have a seemingly endless supply of resources right at our fingertips.


Thanks to social media and search engine metrics that keep track of what’s earning the most clicks, even the most mature among us are able to keep up with the latest, hottest health and lifestyle trends for seniors in the year ahead.


So, are you curious what 2022 has in store? Here are a few that may be of Pinterest to you:


Feed your taste for travel

While travel has been hampered by limitations over the last few years, the yearning for international adventure has only amplified with many booking trips to all-inclusive resorts when and where possible. However, if flying the friendly skies isn’t in your near future—but a desire to experience the exotic is—you might consider cooking up your own taste of travel in the form of international cuisine. 2022 has already seen a significant increase in searches for authentic recipes and culinary trends for everything from traditional Norwegian and Russian fare to African and Arabic recipes.


Feel good safe spaces

Life’s stresses are high, and the need to feel good at home (after having spent so much time there) has never been higher. As such, people are looking for ways to transform areas of their homes into an oasis of emotion, designated specifically for decompressing or simply feeling good. 2022 has already seen people of all ages driving search trends for music-themed rooms, home massage rooms, and even rage rooms.


Time-sensitive style

With so much time being spent at home, it’s no surprise an equal amount of time is being spent spiffing up our personal style and design. The surprise, however, may be that “time” itself seems to be the thematic trend on the rise. In fact, 2022 is seeing an uptick in oversized clocks and other time-related pieces being used as home décor, while old-school watches and bracelets are making a resurgence as fashion accessories—especially among Gen-Xers and Boomers.


Get yourself in check

Anyone who has been around the block a few times knows fashion is cyclical—except for when it is checkered. But this checker trend goes beyond wardrobes alone. You’ll find it squaring up at nail salons, on rugs and home décor, on tile and flooring patterns, and more. And in 2022, you might be stunned to learn Boomers are driving the checkered trend.



Personal fitness has been a hot topic over the past few years, opening a floodgate to a host of high-intensity exercise programs and products designed to get the heart pumping and the muscles muscling. But for those looking for something a little less intense than what you might expect at boot camp, 2022 seems to be pacing itself with a steady trend of low-impact alternatives. From nature walks to daily stretch sessions to simple dance moves, this is the year to move your body at your own speed.


Unleashed home design

Pets have become a major part of our families and our lives. So, it isn’t a shock that more and more trends are moving toward caring for our furry or feathered friends—and architecture is no exception. In 2022, one trend in particular shows a significant move toward home redesigns that put the pet at the forefront. What does that mean exactly? It means: if Spot is getting his own room, you’re going to want some ideas on how to make it happen.


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