6 Easy Reasons to Downsize

March 28, 2022

If you’re approaching or already knee-deep in retirement, chances are you’ve asked yourself the question: should I downsize? And if you’re like many, you probably find that question somewhat difficult to answer. After all, making the decision to leave the family home is never an easy one.


However, there are plenty of benefits to downsizing to a smaller, more modest home. For starters, reduced housing costs, fewer maintenance tasks, less housekeeping, and the list goes on. But perhaps the best reason of all is simply to make things easier. Here are six ways life—and retirement—are made easier by downsizing.


1. Easier to relocate

Even in a red-hot seller’s market, selling your home can be a hassle. In addition to having to find a real estate agent, show the home, and tussle in back-and-forth price negotiations, once the house sells, you’re left with the looming challenge of moving all your accumulated belongings.


On the other hand, seniors who choose to downsize to a senior living community not only experience a certain relief from parting with so much stuff, but also find a newfound freedom from not being tied down to a house that likely requires an exhausting amount of time, money, and attention. As a bonus, many senior living communities not only allow you to customize your apartment home, offering loads of options that include everything from square footage to counter tops, but also deliver maintenance-free living that alleviates you from the stress of everyday upkeep.


2. Easier to organize

Often, empty nesters who choose to remain in their larger homes typically end up using only a few rooms with regularity, resulting in the rest of the home going relatively unused—or being used as storage for even more stuff.


When you decide to downsize into a smaller home within a senior living community, it forces you to declutter. But there’s more to this trade off than just fewer rooms to manage. Less space to take care of means less clutter to organize—and that means more time to spend doing something you truly enjoy.


3. Easier living

When you were younger, a large house with all the bells and whistles was likely the dream. However, as life powers forward and the kids grow up and fly the nest, that dream tends to become a little more modest—if only to reduce some of the headache that comes with maintaining a larger home. This is where downsizing truly shines.


Not only does downsizing provide the adequate push to finally get rid of unneeded furniture, outdated electronics, and unused exercise equipment, but it also helps eliminates stress. Pair that with the ease of living in a maintenance-free Life Plan Community and you have the recipe for true retirement peace of mind.


4. Easier accessibility

As we age, many senior adults often find it increasingly difficult to do things that were once easy—like climbing stairs or walking along snowy/icy walkways. As such, a multi-level home may not have caused you a second thought years ago, but the reality is it may become a real challenge, or even risk, over time.


If mobility is a concern, downsizing may offer the opportunity you need to find a home that offers easier accessibility, as well as peace of mind. Many senior communities offer apartment buildings with elevator access and even indoor/covered community walkways, making it easier to get around in comfort and safety, not to mention age in place—and age confidently.


5. Easier community

Many senior adults who live in suburban areas often experience feelings of isolation in retirement. These feelings often stem from a loss in their ability or means to comfortably and confidently get around.


Perhaps one of the most evident perks of downsizing to a senior living community is the actual community that comes with it. Today’s innovative senior living communities are designed to be all-inclusive in the amenities they offer, including on-campus restaurants, gyms and fitness rooms, salons, banks, libraries, craft and hobby spaces, and even health care services. Add in a neighborhood of like-minded individuals and you’ll be close to everything you need—all with the greater sense of community you desire.


6. Easier for kids and loved ones

The last thing anyone wants is to become a burden on their kids or loved ones. While the need for more focused and regular care may be inevitable for some, there are plenty of measures that can be taken for future planning. And it’s never too early to plan.


Downsizing is a great place to start. In the long run, pairing down your possessions isn’t just better for you but will also come as a relief to your children later down the road. Additionally, many Life Plan Communities offer countless specialized health care services, such as Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and more. These services are designed to not only help seniors and their families plan for future care needs, but also eliminate the need to move (again) as those needs change.


So, if your house isn’t as accessible to your future needs as you’d like it to be, perhaps downsizing to a Life Plan Community is the smart move that not only benefits you physically, financially, and socially, but positively makes your life—and retirement—easier.


At Summit Vista, we realize your expectations for retirement are ever-changing. You want to maximize every moment, discover new possibilities and, most importantly, find the peace of mind to achieve a happy, healthy future that’s free of concern. We want that, too.


For more information about moving into our Life Plan Community, speak with your retirement counselor, or call (801) 758-3138 today.

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Apr 27, 2022 at 9:52 am

I am moving into a retirement center. My problem is I do not want to get rid of anything.