The Founders Of Summit Vista Have Found Something Special

July 5, 2017


When it comes to groundbreaking ceremonies, ours was one of the best. Which is a nice reflection of the kind of place Summit Vista will be. If you weren’t able to attend, here are a few highlights:


The oldest woman to climb Mount Everest was in the house. (The one we’re building.)

Carol Masheter is one of the founders and future residents. She’s also the oldest woman to have reached the top of the tallest mountains in all seven continents, including Mount Everest, which is the highest peak in the world. She helped operate the backhoe to officially break ground. So not only can she climb mountains, but she can move them, too.


An integral new part of the Taylorsville community.

Summit Vista brings a new dynamic to the local community, as it’s the first of its kind in the state of Utah. Not only do we have the stability of funding, but we’re creating a vibrant and beautiful property to enhance the local surroundings. This new community will be customized toward our residents’ lifestyles with unique and tailored clubs and amenities. Our residents will also be great assets, involved community members, and fantastic neighbors. In fact, Taylorsville Mayor, Larry Johnson who spoke at the event, mentioned the impact Summit Vista will have on the local community. “The land that Summit Vista is being built on has been sitting empty for a long time—largely because the right organization hadn’t come along.” He went on to say that “We wanted the right kind of company to develop it, one that was going to positively contribute to not only the financial health of our city, but to the personal health of its residents.”


Gardner Development will be involved in developing “the first of its kind in Utah.”

Kem Gardner, chairman of the Gardner Co. and co-founder of The Boyer Co., was also in attendance and spoke of Utah’s aging senior population and the necessity of establishing a community like Summit Vista in the state. “I attended a briefing at the Gardner Institute on the aging demographics of Utah,” he said. “It struck home to me how important it is that we have a lifestyle community where there is social interaction and where people can get together as they get older.” Gardner said of the location, “It’s a remarkable piece of land with great views of the mountains and the valley.” (We couldn’t agree more!)

If this is the first time you’ve heard about Summit Vista, please visit our site for more information. If you’re interested in becoming a resident, please call 801-758-3138 and talk with a member of our sales team.