The art of aging: the secrets behind a Life Plan Community

May 24, 2017

It’s time to make aging successfully effortless and life-filled—the Summit Vista way. It starts with engagement and autonomy and naturally leads to reinvention and joy.


Successful aging through continued engagement

As Utah’s first Life Plan Community, we’ve made the switch from passive care to active living and planning. That’s because your life is not coming to a screeching halt in retirement. No, your retirement is so much more. Your retirement is starting anew, with a different frame of mind, engulfed by curiosity and activity.

At Summit Vista, you’ll find endless opportunities to engage with your world and reach the quality of life you deserve after years of hard work—the quality of life vital to aging successfully.


Close social relationships

Maintaining close relationships with your peers is not only important for engagement and your health. It’s also how we experience life and joy. Shared stories, booming laughs, empathetic embraces, reassuring advice, and all things human. But these strong connections only form when they’re given the time to grow.

That’s not always so easy when it’s a ten minute drive to church, a half hour to bridge, and a full fifteen minutes to Beth’s house twice per week, especially as these trips become more taxing with age. Putting all of those things within reach takes the effort out of organizing social affairs. Then your friends can become an even more intimate part of your personal life.


Productive and meaningful activities

Living with purpose is one of the primary goals of the Summit Vista community. Joining in activities that benefit your peers and everyone else in the Salt Lake Valley is one of the best ways to add a new layer of purpose to your life, in addition to your spouse, family, and passions.

To achieve this, Summit Vista makes it easy to engage in volunteer and community service opportunities. One club will knit hats for newborns, another might organize food and book drives for underprivileged youth, and working with your preferred religious group on campus will present other chances for meaningful engagement. Even your work in the garden is fruitful, because the flowers grown are used for table arrangements in the dining rooms.


Regular use of valued skills and abilities

You’ve spent an entire career acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and expertise that bring value to your family, your community, and society as a whole. Just because you’re formally “hanging up the gloves” in retirement, doesn’t mean you can’t still contribute to the growth of those around you.

If Spanish is your first language, tutor soon-to-be travelers to Latin America. If you were a gourmet chef, plan menus for special clubhouse events. Great with your hands? Host a woodworking workshop. Ex-astronomer? Grab your telescope and a group of stargazers for an evening with Copernicus.

The point is, there is always an opportunity to take pride in yourself and your accomplishments at Summit Vista. It’s not only optional, it’s highly encouraged. Because when you share your experience, your actions help others reach new plateaus of grace, stimulation, and satisfaction. Your purpose is their purpose, making the shared experience richer for everybody at Summit Vista. And that’s a retirement worth living.