5 Reasons People Are Choosing Summit Vista

June 7, 2017

Watching Matlock. Eating tapioca. Maybe playing another round of Shuffleboard. Not exactly your idea of retirement living, is it? Nope. And that’s because you’re cut from an entirely different kind of cloth—you’ve still got stuff to do. Your generation is known for being hardworking trailblazers, and your idea of retirement is more or less the same: the freedom to live a unique lifestyle, just without all the hard work. So take a look at these five reasons why people in your shoes are choosing Summit Vista, a brand-new life-plan retirement community in the heart of Salt Lake Valley.

1– Maintenance-free lifestyle.
Yes, you plan on staying busy during retirement—just not doing things you don’t want to do. Like shoveling snow from the walks. Or raking leaves from the gutter. Or worrying about that clogged disposal in the sink. At Summit Vista, you don’t have to. We provide a large list of timesaving services like maintenance in your home and common areas, on- and off-site transportation, on-call medical care, home cleaning services, and that’s just a few. We do this so that you’re freed up to spend your time how you really want to.

2– You’re busy. (But not in the way you think.)
Hobbies, art projects, training for that upcoming race … that’s the beauty of Summit Vista—we take care of everything, so you can take care of you. We’ve included several studios, workshop areas and fitness centers to enable you to stay as busy as you like. Whether that means refining your brush stroke or finally having the time to finish that custom bookshelf, you have the time and space to do it.

3– Entertainment, fine dining … and a putting green? Yep. And they’re all within walking distance.
That’s what we love about resorts: everything is nearby and accessible. But the problem is, you usually have to hop on a plane to get to one. Now imagine that you have the same resort-style amenities, yet you’re down the street from your grandkids. This is another huge plus about Summit Vista. We have Utah’s first Life Plan Community, and we’re focused on helping you age successfully. This means having everything you need within reach, such as restaurants, café-style dining venues, hair and nail salon, library, bank, convenience store and much, much more.

4– It’s not just work you’re retiring from.
Hassle. That’s another big thing you plan to retire from. You’re done with the hassle of dealing with traffic just to get a decent meal, tired of the hassle of planning far in advance to see a show only to have to traipse through a foot of snow, and you’re fed up with the hassle of trying to get in to see the doctor. Well, guess what? At Summit Vista, we’ve brought that all on-campus. So that hassle concern? It’s a thing of the past.

5– You’re ready to live life on your terms.
The best way to ensure that these really are your “golden years of freedom” is to make sure you’re in a place that caters to that ideal. And that’s why resort Summit Vista makes sense. It’s retirement your way, with a whole new level of comfort, service, and respect. “Respect” in the sense that it’s affordable, compassionate and professional treatment. You’ve earned it, and we’re happy to provide it.

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Special introductory offers and incentives (available now through Dec. 1, 2016).
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