Meet Melanie Klingler, Marketing Coordinator at Summit Vista

May 27, 2016

It consistently holds true that mother knows best. Melanie Klingler, Summit Vista’s marketing coordinator and mother of five children, knows a good thing when she sees one. When she started with Summit Vista, she was wide-eyed and wowed. “I’ve never seen a community like this before,” said Melanie. Its scenic location, first-class amenities and sense of community sold Melanie right away on the concept of a Life Plan Community.

A career in caring

Melanie was a stay-at-home-mom for 17 years. During that time she ran a daycare service from home while caring for her own children. She enjoyed giving parents the peace of mind that their children were being nurtured and kept safe while in her care.

As her children grew older, Melanie pursued a full-time job in the insurance industry, but after six years she realized it wasn’t the perfect fit. “I wanted to do something to help people,” she said. At Summit Vista, she’s now discovering a way to cultivate her career and care for people.

And Melanie relishes being around people. “I love hearing their stories and getting to know them. It’s a passion of mine,” said Melanie. As she eagerly anticipates the residents moving in, waiting is the hardest part.

A place Melanie calls home

A resident of the Salt Lake area for 30 years, Melanie knows Summit Vista aligns with Utah’s family-centric values. Its accessible location, large apartments and restaurant make it a great place to welcome and entertain family.

“One of my biggest concerns is not being a burden on my children,” said Melanie, a single parent. With a daughter, four sons and three grandchildren, Melanie knows how busy life can be. That’s why she tells future residents that someday she’ll be their neighbor. “I’m planning a career here and then moving in,” said Melanie.

After landing a dream job, she is ready to help seniors make an informed decision about their retirement and future home.

“I want to plan now because this place encompasses everything that I want,” said Melanie. “I believe in Summit Vista because it’s what I want to do. It’s so comforting to know there’s a place like this.”