Bringing Inspired Vision to the Leadership Team: Raquel Braithwaite

June 21, 2018

(Director of Community Life)


“I love the mission of Summit Vista to help people live longer and stronger,” Raquel exclaims. “Throughout my career, everything I’ve done has been related to improving quality of life for people. I’m a nurse by training and even though I see and appreciate the importance of healthcare, I know there is so much more to holistic wellness.”

It’s Raquel’s belief that the lifestyle approach at Summit Vista incorporates all of those dimensions. “Living longer and stronger means more than just healthcare. It takes the social community, intellectual stimulation, and the opportunity for making meaningful contributions to the community. I get to play a large part in shaping that culture, which is very exciting to me.” We should note that her three teenage boys also keep life exciting for her.

Raquel acknowledges that aging Utahns have many choices in where they want to live next. They choose Summit Vista because they are able to spend their time on the things that matter most to them—friends and family, activities, and contributing to their community. She looks forward to developing creative programs that meet residents’ needs and desires. “We have an empty canvas right now, everything we develop will be based upon our residents.”