Bringing Inspired Vision to the Leadership Team: Dwight Overgaard

June 21, 2018

(Director of General Services)


According to Dwight, happiness is the key. He sums it up this way: “One of my main passions is being happy and finding ways to create happiness. Summit Vista gives me the opportunity to build a team and create a culture where people find joy in their work and the opportunity to serve others.”

Dwight sees the same passion in his fellow Directors—the desire to really build something special and make it a positive place of work. The Summit Vista community is a very different concept in retirement living from what most Utahns are familiar with, but as he has gotten to know some of our residents and the Salt Lake community, he sees they are excited to learn about our model, and excited about the emphasis it places on enjoying outside activities and their overall health.

So what makes Dwight happy? “I do a lot of hiking myself,” Dwight says. “My wife and I have two boys and three dogs. I’m always walking the dogs and hiking. And so I’m excited about getting to meet new people and making a difference in their lives—to help them and bring them happiness.”