3 Things Seniors and Millennials Have in Common

December 13, 2023

There have been many things said about both the millennial and baby-boomer generations. The goal-centric with a strong work-ethic baby boomer is never put in the same category as the natural entrepreneur and liberal millennial generation.

Some have said the differences between two of the nation’s largest generations are far greater than the similarities. But what some don’t realize is baby boomers truly are the GOAT (millennial-speak for Greatest Of All Time) or the cat’s pajamas, in more relatable terms. In fact, I would like to argue that seniors adults may be a little more “millennial” than millennials themselves.

Here are 3 things that seniors have in common with millennials.

senior woman tailoring a young man's suit1. Senior side gigs and freelance work

Millennials are thought to be the generation that prefers to work in coffee shops or arcade-themed offices, and often referred to as the generation of side gigs and freelance work. But studies suggest that it is the oldest generation quietly adopting these millennial stereotypes and making them their own.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people over the age of 65 are four times more likely to be self-employed or working part-time jobs than those under 34. Here are some of the reasons that older Americans are working longer:

  • They are generally living longer and healthier live.
  • They are better educated.
  • They have a stronger desire to keep up with hobbies leading to more freelance and gig-style work.

senior couple eating sushi2. You’re never too old to be a foodie

It has been said that millennials are the reason for the increase in restaurants due to the developed habit of eating out versus at home. Taco Tuesday and wing Wednesday, along with others, have given millennials even more reason to override the at-home dinner experience and venture downtown for a meal with friends.

Since 2000 the amount spent on food away from home by seniors 65 to 74 has increased dramatically, although the pandemic in 2020 caused a big dip to occur.

senior man drinking coffee and checking his phone3. The Social Media Guru

What’s more millennial than social media? The rulers of the revolution of technology are no longer in the driver’s seat. Even though millennials may be the first generation to grow up during the fast-paced development of technology, social media usage among adults 65+ have grown fourfold since 2010.  According to eMarkerter, it’s predicted that adults 65+ adults will see the largest increase in Facebook users when compared to other ages.

Maybe you’re convinced, maybe you’re not. If nothing else, you will now have more to talk about with your grandkids at the next family gathering. In all, as generations come and go, there are always things to learn from the ones past and the ones ahead. In this fast-paced world, learning to adapt to each new progression is a great skill to acquire and seniors continue to prove that they are ahead of the game more than ever.

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