What is a Life Plan Community?

April 6, 2016

“Life Plan Community” is a relatively new term to the senior housing industry. LeadingAge proposed this term to replace “continuing care retirement community” at their most recent annual meeting and convention, and it fits!

Life Plan Communities are not your parents’ typical retirement communities. They are vibrant and active communities that offer everything from continuing education and seminars, to opportunities for personal growth and development, as well as exquisite dining, stunning views, musical events, artist talks, and engaging trips.

In addition to providing a thoroughly unique lifestyle, Life Plan Communities provide the security of knowing that higher levels of care, such as assisted living or skilled nursing are available should a resident ever require it.

Living at a Life Plan Community means you have the privacy of your own home, but without the maintenance and responsibilities typically associated with a house. When it snows, you don’t have to clear the sidewalks or driveway. If an appliance needs to be fixed, a simple call results in a trained technician fixing it – at no cost to you! If you don’t want to cook that evening, simply head over to one of the excellent dining options Life Plan Communities offer.

Often, when you factor in all of the costs associated with owning a house, you’ll find that the contract options at an LPC can be a better long-term financial plan. LPC contracts typically include entertainment, transportation, access to gyms and personal trainers, utilities, cable and internet, a 24-hour security system, home repairs, library access, and healthcare services.

Summit Vista, the only Life Plan Community in the Salt Lake area, will be the destination for an active, engaged retirement. The community plans include a 50,000+ square foot clubhouse, which will be filled with activities and events you’ll want to add to your social calendar. Located in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley, this gorgeous gated community nestled at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains will provide panoramic views and easy access to all that Salt Lake has to offer.

The spacious apartment homes will be connected to the community center by weatherproof, climate-controlled walkways so you’re never snowed in, no matter how deep the snow gets. Programs and activities at Summit Vista are designed to shift the definition of health and well-being toward total wellness, helping you become the healthiest, most engaged, most active version of yourself.

For more information about life at Summit Vista, give us a call at 801-895-2545. One of our highly qualified team members will be happy to talk you through your options and answer any questions you may have.