The Future of Your Health at Summit Vista

July 1, 2021

Lifestyle Medicine

Good health begins with “lifestyle medicine.” Nutrition and fitness are foundational to well-being, and both are offered in abundance at Summit Vista. Our menus accommodate a variety of dietary preferences. With over 20 fitness classes per week, there is something for “everybody” at every level.


Another key contributor to well-being is engagement. At Summit Vista, our residents say they are busier than ever, enjoying opportunities to re-visit former hobbies and explore new talents. Healthcare studies tell us that stretching our minds by trying new things helps prevent and slowdown cognitive decline.


Healthcare Navigation

One of the most unique offerings at Summit Vista is Healthcare Navigation. From speaking with providers and patients, we’ve realized people don’t need more medicine; they need help accessing the system, interpreting confusing healthcare information, and making informed healthcare decisions. Our navigation program is built around these objectives:


Education – Healthcare studies may be difficult to understand, and sometimes studies conflict. Even the savviest healthcare consumers need clarity. The healthcare navigation team stays abreast of the best evidence-based practices, as well as leading-edge research, and we bring healthcare thought leaders to Summit Vista for speaking engagements. For example, with Medicare Open Enrollment on the horizon, we are offering classes taught by trusted resources who share un-biased information, not a sales pitch, to our residents.


Advocacy – Most older adults have contributed to Medicare over the course of their careers. However, less than 50% are able to access the Medicare benefits to which they are entitled. Healthcare navigation ensures our residents get these benefits. We have helped residents get needed equipment covered by Medicare. We were also able to help them tap into Medicare-covered therapy services, right in their apartment homes.


Support – Moving, coping with illness, grieving the death of a loved one, and other life circumstances can cause extreme stress, which negatively impacts health. Healthcare navigation hosts support groups, as well as help residents find other needed resources.  


Coordination – Because of the lifestyle medicine offered at Summit Vista, residents have fewer unanticipated emergency room encounters and hospitalizations. When they do happen, residents are able to get back home sooner because healthcare navigation communicates with healthcare providers to provide a seamless transition and get needed services in place.

Safety Net

Summit Vista EMTs respond faster than 911. They guide residents in determining if an emergency room visit is needed or if they can be treated onsite. The EMTs also provide routine wellness checks and extra TLC for those who have been sick or are in the hospital. Our EMTs are able to assist residents in connecting to a doctor electronically, when appropriate, for residents who prefer a telehealth visit to sitting and waiting in instant care clinics.


Summit Vista’s assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing services mean residents have a home for life. The healthcare team can determine when additional care is needed and help create a smooth transition right on the campus of Summit Vista. Residents also receive priority over those outside the community for placement in higher levels of care.