No Maintenance. No Worries.

August 7, 2019

Discover maintenance-free living in a Life Plan Community.


From building equity to creating strong community ties, home ownership definitely has its perks. However, for many people, the responsibility and burden of routine home maintenance and yardwork are nowhere near the top of that list and often pry them away from the activities they would much rather pursue at this time in their lives. So, for those craving the benefits of maintenance-free retirement in their own beautiful home—without the downside of a never-ending to-do list—living in a Life Plan Community may be the perfect move


Life in a Life Plan Community offers just that—life. It’s meant to give you back your time on your terms by eliminating much of the responsibility, not to mention expense, that is pulled away by routine home maintenance, such as yard work and home repairs. And don’t forget the larger costs that come with significant home renovations. In other words, residents of a Life Plan Community are freed from the obligations of shelling out time and money to repair leaky faucets or broken water heaters or stalling air conditioners. In a Life Plan Community, all it takes is one simple call to management to put in a simple maintenance work order and—ta-dum!—job done, issue handled. And you didn’t even get your hands dirty.


But that’s not all. This maintenance-free living extends well beyond the walls of your home, as well. No longer do you have to spend your entire weekend weeding the flower beds, fixing the sprinklers, laying mulch and fertilizers, or mowing the lawn. Within a Life Plan Community, landscaping is part of the package. And that also pertains to some of the more tedious seasonal activities, such as shoveling snow or clearing the rain gutters.


While maintenance-free living is very attractive to those looking to avoid dealing with icy sidewalks or balancing on top of precarious ladders, it also appeals to those involved in career or volunteer pursuits who don’t relish the idea of spending all week working just to come home to a weekend of endless chores.


The true value of living the maintenance-free lifestyle comes with the realization that you have more important things to do than yardwork. Your retirement is meant to be lived, loved, and enjoyed. And that means dedicating the time you might have begrudgingly spent tuning the furnace to, instead, pursuing a forgotten hobby or exploring new interests and activities. It also means paying greater attention to the things that matter most—your health, your happiness, and your close relationships. It means finding new life.


And that’s something easily found in a Life Plan Community.


For more information about the maintenance-free life that awaits you in a Life Plan Community, speak with your retirement counselor, or call 866-500-6021 today.