New Staff Spotlight: Paley Martin Sales & Move-in Consultant

June 20, 2018

Before Summit Vista, Paley Martin used to visit her parents at a similar community in Arizona. It had incredible amenities, a clubhouse, restaurants, and just the whole atmosphere—she had never seen anything like it. It got her thinking, “Why doesn’t Salt Lake have anything like this?” So when she heard about Summit Vista, she was thrilled. She had to get involved.


The community aspect is what makes Summit Vista unique for Paley. She loves how we get the residents involved. Beyond the four walls of their apartment homes, our residents still live full, enriching lives. With experience teaching about healthy relationships in schools, she brings this passion and service to the community.



Well, you might just call her “Paley, the move-in lady.” But she does so much more than help with your move to Summit Vista. She has strategies for everything—from downsizing and logistics, to estate-sale planning; Paley is there to help so you can take a step back and take a deep breath. And it’s all provided for you at no additional charge!


“This is very purposeful work,” says Paley. “It is meaningful, and you feel it with everyone. The first time I met with the Summit Vista team—I knew that these people cared. And they wanted to know that I cared.”


Paley finds value in her role within the community in helping people find peace through this transition, and in the hopefulness for what this will bring them. “I am the friend they call when they want help with anything.”


With a husband and two teenagers, Paley has always emphasized the importance of communication in their home. It is the thing that brings everyone together. The same thing applies to her role with the community. Be sure to introduce yourself to Paley. You can reach her at 385-232-3016.