Summit Vista Welcomes A Few New Faces

February 6, 2019

Perhaps you’ve seen a couple new faces hanging around the clubhouse game room. Face cards, that is.


The new playing cards come as a special gift, designed especially for Summit Vista residents to enjoy. Each card was designed to incorporate our Summit Vista colors and brand, as well as display unique characters and style you won’t find anywhere else.


So, gather the group together for your next action-packed game of hearts, spades, spoons and enjoy! Looking for a new game to try? Give this one a go:



Players: 2 or more

Objective: Play cards to keep a running total adding to 99 without going over.


Card Values:

Aces through Tens: + Numeric Value (1-10)

Jacks and queens: +10

Black Kings: +10 or -10 (as determined by the player)

Red Kings: -10


How to Play:

At the beginning of each hand, each player is dealt three cards. The player who won the previous hand goes first. Play continues clockwise. On your turn, play a card face up and then draw a new card. (Note: Don’t forget to draw. If you fail to draw a new card before the next player’s card is played, you must continue playing with fewer cards.) The card played should add or subtract from a running total starting at 0, not to exceed 99. The new total is announced as each card is played. A card that makes the total greater than 99 cannot be played. If you have no legal plays or run out of cards, you are eliminated from the hand. The last player remaining wins.


The Twist:

After each hand, the winner invents a new rule that goes into effect for all subsequent hands. This rule can be anything, but must be applicable to all players.


Good Examples: “Playing a seven reverses the direction of play.” “The total can never be a multiple of ten.”


Bad Example: “All players whose name starts with M start with four cards.” Remember, the new rule must be applicable to all players.


If a play is made that violates a rule, the play is discarded and the offending player must play again without the opportunity of a replacement card.


Ending the Game:

There is no official scoring or end to the game. A logical stopping point generally occurs when the compiling rules become too complicated to remember.