Meet Your Neighbors: The Beckers

November 22, 2017

Jerry and Bonnie have found their heaven on earth. Composed of eating out each night, low-maintenance apartment-style living, and an endless list of activities, Summit Vista is their new home. Are they your new neighbors?

Jerry and Bonnie met in California and have lived in Salt Lake City since 1981.  They describe themselves as easygoing, happy-go-lucky people who enjoy staying active and traveling. The Beckers have been all around the world, including overseas to China, all over Europe, and down to Mexico. They are looking forward to packing their bags and venturing somewhere new soon.

To the Beckers, a 62+ community is the ideal place to meet, socialize, and create bonds with people in a unique way. Jerry and Bonnie imagine that a happy and successful life means having the freedom to do whatever you please, whenever you want. The luxury of having choices is what they find most appealing about Summit Vista, which helps them continue to live their happy and successful lives. They enjoy trying new things and have even added a few additional hobbies, including gardening, taking walks, and golfing. “I like the idea that everything is enclosed. The pool is open all the time, and you get to exercise and do these things without having to drive or go outside,” said Bonnie.

When the Beckers were asked what they most look forward to when living at Summit Vista, they answered in unison, without hesitation. They both agreed that they looked forward to eating out each night for dinner and attending the activities Summit Vista organizes for their residents. The Beckers are eager to move in and are honored to be the pioneers in this new way of retirement living.