How can seniors make the most of their experience at a senior living community?

August 25, 2022

Retirement brings a whole new phase of life. Choosing to transition to a senior living community can be overwhelming, but it also begins an entirely new chapter of friendships, activities, and social opportunities. The experience is what you make of it. Read on for tips on making the best of your time at a senior living community.

Klara Dumancic

Klara Dumancic

Klara Dumancic, Marketing Specialist at Investors Club.

Develop Friendship, Participate in Activities, or Online Networks

Seniors are at an age where they can begin to enjoy their retirement years and live a life of comfort, but there are times when they may feel lonely and isolated in their senior living community because of the lack of interaction with other people their age. This can be managed in a variety of ways, including the following:

• Developing friendships with people who already live in your community.

• Participating in activities held in the immediate community, such as clubs for gardening or reading.

• Donating your time and getting actively involved with charitable organizations in your community.

• Participating in online networks, such as those found on Facebook, where you can connect with other senior citizens who live in residential communities for the elderly.

Ari Parker

Ari Parker

Parker, Head Medicare Advisor & Co-founder of Chapter.

Enjoy Social Activities

Retirement looks very different for American seniors. Some people enjoy group activities, while others prefer to spend time on their own. People who live in senior communities and enjoy more social activities may like learning how to make wine or beer with neighbors in their community.

Chances are your community’s lifestyle director is always interested in finding new events residents are interested in. You can always suggest starting a club as a way to meet new people with shared interests. Those who want a more creative outlet may enjoy taking pottery classes with a group of friends, and again, if there are no classes nearby, suggest starting a club in your community!

If you or your loved ones prefer to spend time alone enjoying the community, one way to do so is to find out if the senior living community has a community garden. This can often be a way to spend time outdoors, alone, and explore nature.

Serenge Daniel

Serenge Daniel

Serenge Daniel, Marketing Manager of TruePeopleSearchFast.

Interact With Fellow Senior Citizens By Sharing Your Expertise

Senior citizens have contributed a lot to society during their productive years. So now, it is time for society to repay them. However, many children do not take care of their parents and instead send them away to live in a senior living community.

Senior citizens can use this opportunity to interact with fellow senior citizens and share their knowledge and experiences. They can volunteer to teach in schools and train young students on how to face challenging situations in life.

Senior citizens interested in cooking and similar activities can help the community kitchen. They can also take catering orders in nearby industrial areas and provide people with homemade food. Besides, it helps supplement their income. They can arrange prayer meetings in the community and practice spirituality. They can use their talents to become successful entrepreneurs by indulging in various business activities.

The senior citizen community usually has vast areas of greenery. Senior citizens can contribute to gardening activities and help to beautify the environment. The internet allows senior citizens to indulge in book writing, blogging, and content writing. Besides sharing experiences, they can use these avenues to supplement their income. They can function as property consultants and help complete property deals by bringing real estate developers and prospective buyers together on the same platform.

They can exercise at the local gym and keep themselves healthy physically and mentally. Senior citizens can participate in board games and keep themselves busy. All these activities can remove the boredom of solitude and help them enjoy their retirement.

David Reid

David Reid

David Reid, Sales Director at VEM.

Playing Outdoor Games and Gardening

● Outdoor Games
Seniors can enjoy their retirement days by playing outdoor games while living in a senior living community. The community will play outdoor games like cricket and badminton with each other. It will amuse them and also build their physical strength. Physical exercise is very important for senior retired individuals.

Regular exercise can help prevent many diseases and sicknesses. If senior individuals play outdoor games, it will boost their health and provide enjoyment. They can take both types of advantages in one sort. So, retired seniors individuals must have to play outdoor games, not only for enjoyment but also for their good health and fitness.

● Gardening
Senior retired individuals can also perform gardening while living in the senior living community. The whole community can sow the food and vegetables on their own. They can easily sow some raw vegetables and fruits.

It will provide two different advantages. First is, it will pass their time, second is, it will provide fresh vegetables, and third is, it will save their money which they spend on fruits and vegetables. So, retired seniors individuals can sow vegetables and fruits in their free time.

Nick Mueller

Nick Mueller

Nick Mueller, Director of Operations of

Find Something That You Enjoy and Attend Many Events

While living in a senior living community, be sure to give yourself time to establish a routine. Find some things that you enjoy doing and make it a priority to attend these events or meetings regularly. Commit to a few clubs or events and promise yourself that you’ll attend. Getting to know the people in the groups will help you establish a sense of community and will make your time in the living community much more fulfilling.

Larry Snider

Larry Snider, VP of Operations of Casago Vacation Rentals.

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