Healthcare Navigation in a Life Plan Community: It’s a Life Changer

October 6, 2020

How many times have you thought, “I wish everything was as easy as healthcare and health insurance?” Chances are you’ve never thought it. Chances are no one has. After all, the whole healthcare system seems to be growing increasingly complex and expensive. And to make matters even stickier, it’s not getting any less complicated to understand. Until now, that is.

Of the many distinguishing features found in a Life Plan Community is easily accessible healthcare navigation. Not only does having the full-time support of healthcare navigation offer Life Plan Community residents greater understanding and peace of mind with their own healthcare needs, it’s quite literally a life changer, as well.

So, what does this mean for you? We’d be happy to explain.

Healthcare Navigation

When trust in health insurance companies hovers near the bottom of the grade scale, it can be refreshing for seniors to have an independent advocate in their corner who they can turn to for help and guidance.

At Summit Vista, residents have a licensed clinical social worker and case manager available to them full-time. This healthcare navigator serves to assist them in navigating the complexity of the healthcare system by providing Medicare benefits education, answering any questions on plan selection and services covered, and helping lend support as needs arise. The guidance of a healthcare navigator is especially helpful during Medicare’s annual enrollment period, as senior adults make plan selections.

Informed Recommendations

It’s not unusual for healthcare needs and costs to come fast and furious. As such, making the right care selections, or having the right care plan in place, can have a major impact on everything from your wellness to your wallet.

At Summit Vista, the healthcare navigator serves to help residents by offering unbiased recommendations in everything from choosing in-network physicians or specialists to ordering needed durable medical devices, in-home care, and more. This kind of one-on-one service results in smarter healthcare decisions that are truly personalized.

Guidance and support

Today’s health providers offer a wide variety of programs, services, and conditions to their customers. While that is generally a good thing, having so many options can also make it difficult to determine which might be the best fit for you and your particular needs and situation.

Because the Summit Vista healthcare navigator understands the full scope of health services available, and because she is familiar with the people she serves, she is able to clear up confusion, make recommendations, and offer direction that will fit each resident’s specific needs and circumstances. This guidance includes providing cost and value comparisons for medical services, offering counseling or support group assistance, coordinating educational presentations on everything from cardiovascular health to mindfulness meditation, and more.

Support provided by the healthcare navigator includes:

  • Connects residents to doctors and specialists
  • Provides Medicare assistance
  • Offers counseling and support group assistance
  • Coordinates and facilitates wellness education on a variety of topics
  • Collaborates with discharge planners to ensure a safe transition from hospital or rehab visits
  • Assists in ordering needed durable medical equipment, in-home health/hospice care, therapy
  • Guides residents and families on short-term/long-term health goals
  • Educates on a variety of topics, including Advanced Care Planning

Any way you look at it, healthcare navigation in a community already designed to offer senior adults a variety of independent living options, maintenance-free services, and time-saving amenities really is a life changer. It removes hassles and frustrations for residents while helping them improve their healthcare decisions and overall care—both of which play a significant role in aging successfully.

If all this sounds great and you’re interested in finding out more, we encourage you to explore the life that awaits you in a Life Plan Community. Simply call 801-335-9022 or visit to request your free information kit.