Five Advantages Of Moving Into A Life Plan Community Sooner Than Later

April 12, 2019

When it comes to deciding when to move into a Life Plan Community (or Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC), most senior living experts agree the best time is well before you ever need any daily assistance. But a recommendation like this doesn’t come without reasons—and each is intended to benefit your physical, financial, and emotional well-being now and in the years to come.



In addition to offering independent living, most Life Plan Communities also provide a continuum of on-campus health services, such as assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, specialized memory support, and more. These services offer community members the comfort of having a secure plan in place for their future, as well as the convenience to “age in place” as their health needs change over time. Having this kind of security also allows extended family to have complete peace of mind, knowing their loved ones have a home for life with access to care when they need it, right from the start.



Another reason to move into a Life Plan Community early on is to have the ability to take your time and carefully consider all the options at your disposal. Waiting until a crisis can result in making hasty choices where you are no longer able to be the driving decision-maker. It could also require family members to make decisions for you, which often compounds the stress on you, and them, to figure out the best solutions. By starting your planning process early, you are in control and can choose the Life Plan Community that best suits your needs and lifestyle.



Not too many people look forward to tedious home repair projects, time-consuming yard work, or endless stacks of bills. Moving into a Life Plan Community early means you’ll be able to stop spending so much of your time on things like mowing the lawn or home fixes and spend more time on the lifestyle activities and retirement life you always imagined. As an added benefit, the cost of living the maintenance-free life offered in a Life Plan Community is often more affordable than keeping up with all the home and yard expenses.



Just because Life Plan Communities are often referred to as “retirement communities” doesn’t mean retirement is a requirement. Many residents choose to continue their careers long after moving into a Life Plan Community. In fact, because of the added time and freedom offered by living maintenance-free within these communities, many find it easier to put greater focus on their careers or even further them.



Selling a house can be a long, frustrating process. From reducing years of clutter to making needed repairs to getting everything staged, there’s a lot to do before it even hits the market. By starting the process early, you’ll have access to all the amenities and services of a Life Plan Community before you even need them. Additionally, some Life Plan Communities, such as Summit Vista, offer relocation services that help prospective residents through every aspect of their transition into the community, including downsizing, repairs, pricing, professionals, and more. They’ll be there to help you prepare physically and emotionally as you start this new, exciting journey in your life.

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