Finding Safety And Security In A Life Plan Community

October 7, 2019

Choosing the right senior living community for your retirement may seem like an overwhelming undertaking, especially when there are so many different factors that will ultimately impact your decision. However, two of the most important factors to consider are safety and security.


So, what aspects of safety and security should you look into as you explore your options? Here are a few to consider:


Staff Style

A lot of comfort comes from simply knowing you’re in good hands. Having the service of caring and involved staff who are capable of handling the day-to-day operations and are also concerned about the welfare of each resident provides comfort that is priceless—especially if there is ever a need to respond in an emergency.


Suggestion: As you visit different Life Plan Community options, engage the staff to try and get a feel for the personality and style of the team. It all starts with good communication and a commitment to developing a personal relationship with residents and their family members.


Continuum of Care

While having higher levels of care might not be a pressing issue for someone in an independent living situation, simply knowing that assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, or rehabilitation services are readily available offers immense reassurance for your long-term needs. Not only that, knowing you’re in a community that will allow you to age in place adds to the security necessary to live your life without the concern of having to move or find proper care later.


Suggestion: As you plan your retirement, make sure you consider a community that accounts for your future care needs as well as helps you attend to any current needs you may experience. Having easily accessible, comprehensive, and integrated care at your doorstep is a worry saver.



You can’t be too vigilant when it comes to security, and most Life Plan Communities are well-equipped with safety measures for their residents. But this extends far beyond a guarded entrance gate or check-in/reception area. It also covers health security through on-staff EMT personnel and in-home assistance pull cords, financial security through a 90% refundable entrance deposit, and much more.


Suggestion: When visiting or touring potential communities, be sure to find out about their first response and emergency plans, how prompt they are at responding, and what access is available to medical equipment such as defibrillators, EDG machines, oxygen tanks, etc. Also don’t hesitate to ask how their financial plan offers estate protection for you and your loved ones.



Choosing a community with onsite amenity options is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people seek active lifestyles in retirement. Having onsite amenities not only provides convenience, it can also contribute to a resident’s comfort level and sense of independence as they schedule their own appointments or utilize the many services available to them. This may also appeal to those who prefer the security of participation without the worry of transportation.


Suggestion: As you explore your community options, carefully consider the amenities and maintenance-free features you would like in retirement. Many Life Plan Communities offer everything from salons, spas, and fitness centers to banks, convenience stores, and restaurants. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask how a community would seek resident feedback and suggestions for ongoing offerings or improvements.


Ultimately, your security and safety in retirement are important. The goal of a Life Plan Community is to offer residents and their family member peace of mind in knowing they will be offered an all-encompassing plan for life—and understanding how a community goes about achieving that goal will go a long way in helping ensure you make the right choice.


If you’re just starting your search for a senior living community or just considering your options, find more helpful information about the benefits of moving into a Life Plan Community by calling 866-662-6079 or visiting to request your free information kit.