Educational Clubs at Summit Vista

March 30, 2017

Do you remember the first time you were able to play “Canon in D” all the way through on a blind read; or when you answered a stranger’s question seamlessly in Spanish; or even the moment you finally mastered the ins and outs of your smartphone?

Learning doesn’t always come easily, but in those moments, when you feel the satisfying touch of its rewards, you are reminded that it’s always worthwhile to learn something new.


What are the benefits of learning something new?

Like rings in a tree, with every new piece of information learned, deeper and more plentiful crevices form in the brain. These wrinkles boost cognitive abilities, prevent memory loss, and prolong the mental effects of aging by increasing the surface area in your brain. Pretty cool, right?

Think of it this way: as you think more about your research on China’s economic policies, the intricacies of your family history or how German grammar differs from English grammar, the mental connections you make translate over to new physical connections in your brain. And this is almost literally like keeping the lights on — since your brain uses electrical signals to function.


Learning can be social, too

Using learning to add a new layer of social interaction to your life is another tactic. You and your spouse can engage with something new for the sake of discovering and mastering a bold hobby, foreign language or unique academic topic together. The shared experience will add to the long list of positive memories you hold, and will also strengthen your bond.

When you attend a club’s meeting for the first time, you will meet people who are all interested in learning about the same topic. When you have that much common ground to work with, making some new friends is a lot easier.


Educational club options at Summit Vista

The actual learning is the easy part; deciding what to learn is another story. We didn’t want to overwhelm you, but hopefully ten items is a good start.

  • Arm Chair Travel
  • Book Clubs
  • Computer Basics
  • Current Events
  • Genealogy Club
  • Government Affairs
  • “How-To” Group
  • Local School Mentoring
  • Language Classes
  • Writers at Summit Vista


Creating and fostering interest in a club of your own design

Not seeing what you’re hopeful to learn about on this list? Not to worry, these are just examples of clubs provided at Summit Vista. There are many others we most commonly provide in addition to these clubs. You can always contact us at any time to inquire about our full offering.

But maybe you’d like to pursue information about all the world’s tea, their growing regions and the diversity of preparation methods, and then try them out yourself with others. Well, it’s just as easy to organize and start your own educational club. Simply coordinate with the office. Because at Summit Vista, it’s all within reach.