Downsizing Tips for Moving into Your New Senior Apartment

January 11, 2024

Thinking about moving to a senior living community? Does looking around at all the memories, collectibles, and other items you’ve amassed throughout your life make you anxious at the sheer amount of work it’ll take to downsize your home? Don’t worry. You’re not alone! We know that downsizing your home can be stressful, so we’ve put together a guide on how to downsize your home and move to a senior living community along with 10 simple downsizing tips to help you in your downsizing journey.


Moving Advice for Seniors Interested in Downsizing Their Home

Why does the word “downsizing” fill us with such dread? Sure, moving from your home into a new senior apartment or community means you’ll have to make some decisions, but it also means you’ll no longer be tied down by the weight of so many possessions. You’ll be free to enjoy all the amazing amenities, activities and services right outside your door at your new senior living community. In fact, that’s the beauty of moving into a senior living community. Everything you need is already there. No mess. No maintenance. Nothing to hold you back from living your best life.


Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Downsizing

1. Do you have people over a lot?

If you’re no longer hosting events or family gatherings and it’s been awhile since you’ve entertained more than a friend or two, you might be ready to downsize.


2. Are you feeling a bit isolated lately?

Once upon a time, the American Dream meant owning a home and consuming as much as possible. Eventually, a house and property becomes more work than it’s worth and stuff just gets in the way, keeping us from getting out and being with those who matter most. If that’s how you’re feeling, you might be ready to downsize your house.


3. Do you enjoy the upkeep on your house, your lawn, your garden?

Maybe you’re the kind of person who looks forward to mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, painting your house. But if you’re not enjoying the time spent to upkeep your house, downsizing to a maintenance-free senior apartment is a great way to free yourself from constant household chores.


4. Is your home filled with rooms you no longer use, except perhaps to store things you also no longer use?

Kick that clutter to the curb, rightsize your life, and move into a senior living community where you have no worries except how you’ll enjoy yourself and live life on your terms today, tomorrow, and the next day.


10 Downsizing Tips to Make Your Move to Senior living a Smooth Transition

1. Start preparing to downsize early.

If you’ve read other downsizing tips, you’ll know this is a big one. Too many of us wait until the last minute. Save yourself the grief and get started at least a couple of months before your move.


2. Make a plan to downsize.

Is there anything as wonderful as a well-crafted list? Save yourself the anxiety of last-minute decisions and quit thinking about everything that must be done. Write down your plan to downsize it down, then just complete one task at a time.


3. Put a clock on yourself.

Timelines keep you focused and can help you avoid the stress of making a move. Work backward from your move-in date and divide tasks into manageable timelines.


4. Start small.

Pack your sentimental and rarely used items first. As you go through them, decide what you want to save, what you’d like to give to family or friends, and what can be donated or sold.


5. If you like your home setup it, take a picture.

Are there setups in your house that you absolutely love? Furniture that goes together, décor that fills you with comfort? Take a picture of these spaces so you can recreate them in your new place.


6. Adopt the “one year” rule.

Are there things in your house you haven’t used in a year or more? When moving, If you have trouble deciding whether to keep an item or not, think about if you’ve used it within the last year. If you haven’t, you probably won’t within the next one either, so get rid of it.


7. Organize items into Yes and No piles.

When downsizing to a senior apartment or condo avoid the maybe pile at all costs. It helps to go with your first instinct as you place items in piles. And remember, an item in the No pile just means it isn’t going with you when you move. You can pass it on to loved ones or donate it so it will bring joy to others as it has to you.


8. Donate things you don’t need.

You’ll be surprised at how good it feels to give your household items to people who can truly use them and who will cherish them as you have. It’s a great way to pay it forward.


9. Discard the duplicates.

Have multiples of the same item? Keep one for yourself and get rid of the rest. Remember, clutter holds you back. Your goal is to move forward!


10. Lay out your new floor plan.

Once you’ve downsized to a senior living community, take a moment to celebrate. Then use the photos of the setups you like to map out the layout of your new senior apartment. You’re ready to move!


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