Creating the Ultimate Culinary Experience at Summit Vista

March 20, 2018

Things are really heating up as we get closer to our opening date. We’re busy creating menus, selecting kitchen equipment and making final selections for the furniture and finishes in the restaurants. It’s such an exciting time.

We have a wonderful group of Summit Vista Club members who have volunteered to be on our culinary committee. These members already represent a broad range of different dining perspectives—a vegetarian, a healthy eater, an adventurous couple that likes ethnic foods, a member with celiac disease, and a few members who like good old-fashioned comfort foods. The Summit Vista Culinary Committee’s goal is to create menus that provide a wide variety of choices that reflect what our residents want. As a committee, we’ve had some great meetings to review menus and select some of the high-quality ingredients we’ll serve in the various restaurants.

Last month, the committee went to a local coffee roaster called Hidden Peaks, where owner Derek Hanson gave us a coffee 101 tutorial. We had the amazing opportunity to learn about different types of coffee plants and blends and witness firsthand the roasting and brewing process. Derek was kind enough to allow us to taste several wonderful blends, and we were able to narrow it down to the specific blend that we will be serving in our Summit Vista restaurants.

Most recently, the Salt Lake Community College Culinary Institute hosted a unique cooking class for our committee members. Dean Jeffrey Coker and his students showcased their talents while sharing their passion for food and great service. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know the students and for them to learn about future employment opportunities at Summit Vista. Our goal is to attract the very best talent to work in our restaurants.

The Summit Vista Culinary Department’s goal is to design and operate a culinary experience that meets and exceeds the desires of our residents and prospective residents alike. We will achieve this by focusing on your preferences and creating a sense of community between you and our staff. Our culinary program will be vibrant and will continually evolve to create an experience that is distinctive to Summit Vista.

We want you to be proud and excited to invite your family and friends to enjoy our restaurants, and our foremost priority is to provide excellent food and exceptional service. To achieve this goal, we need the insight and wisdom from our Summit Vista Club members. We welcome your input and feedback. If you have a favorite recipe or dish, thoughts or questions, please send them my way. We recognize that food is necessary for more than great health; it also contributes to the creation of community. Dining rooms are gathering places, and breaking bread together helps create a sense of comfort. We recognize the important role we fill and take great care in honoring our position at Summit Vista.