Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Summit Vista

July 8, 2020

Over the last couple of weeks, Summit Vista has been refining infection control policies and procedures based on information from the CDC and Utah Department of Health regarding COVID-19. Currently, no confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported within the Summit Vista community. However, we’re taking every precaution necessary to ensure the continued physical, mental, and emotional health and safety of our residents, employees, and family members.


Included in these measures is our robust infection control policy that includes five levels of safety protocols depending on the severity index. Given the increased number of Utah cases reported over the last few days, Summit Vista will now be operating at level three.


What does this mean?

In addition to the (level 1) efforts of Education, Prevention, and Preparation; the (level 2) efforts of mandatory screenings for all visitors and increased sanitation within restaurants and all public areas, here are the (level 3) provisos effective Tuesday, March 17 through March 31:


  1. Restricted community access: In addition to mandatory screenings, access to the community will be limited to only essential visits by family members and visitors within resident apartment homes. Family and visitors will not be permitted to congregate in public spaces. Essential access also includes the delivery of supplies and the provision of personal care services by family members. For the time being, social visits are strongly discouraged, as are groups of people. We advise all visitors to come alone and check in at the front desk before immediately going to the resident’s apartment home.
  2. Increased mandatory screenings in and out of the community: This includes all visitor, family members, vendors, and contractors (as per level 2 protocols), as well as all employees and residents who come and go from the campus. Additionally, badges and parking pucks will be temporarily disabled to not allow direct access without first being screened at the front desk. Those wishing to enter the campus will receive a colored sticker following their screening, whereupon they may go to the parking garage and press the button to be let in, as needed.
  3. Closing of Summit Vista Dine-In Restaurants: Summit Vista Residents will be able to call the restaurants during their normal hours for TO-GO orders or ask for free delivery of menu items at our restaurants. Our Cottonwood Marketplace will remain open for residents to order items such as grab and go sandwiches, soups, and salads. The Marketplace is also open to purchase select grocery items.
  4. Suspended transportation services: All transportation services to and from Summit Vista will be discontinued except for medically necessary appointments.
  5. Cancelation of Summit Vista sponsored events.


Moving Forward

We understand this is a very sensitive and complex issue. While reactions of this nature can be divisive on perceived need, our main objective is to reassure everyone that we are attending to these decisions thoughtfully and definitively. We will also continue to monitor the situation closely, as well as be in contact with the Department of Health for any new developments.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Summit vista administration office or Community Life for assistance.