Choosing a Senior Living Community

April 10, 2023

Retirement is an exciting part of life, full of new opportunities and adventures. One of the most significant decisions you’ll face is choosing the right senior living community.

With so many options available, it’s overwhelming to know where to start. Here, we’ll provide you with valuable insights and tips on how to choose a senior living community, so you can find the perfect home to fit your retirement lifestyle.


Consider Your Location Preferences

Knowing your desired location is a quick way to narrow down your search for a senior living community. The first step is to identify your priorities and preferences, because they’ll help you choose a location that matches your lifestyle.

Here are questions to consider asking yourself:

  • What kind of environment do I imagine myself living in? On the coast, near the mountains, or somewhere in between?
  • Am I looking for a quiet rural or suburban atmosphere or bustling city energy?
  • Is it important to be near family and friends?
  • Do I want a location with plenty of parks and outdoor activities for an active lifestyle?
  • Do I want to live near entertainment and retail districts?
  • Would I like having convenient access to airports to make traveling easier?

Summit Vista is in Taylorsville, Utah, which is the heart of Salt Lake County. With its perfect blend of urban convenience and suburban charm, picturesque mountain views, many parks and recreational areas, and easy access to shopping and entertainment, Taylorsville truly has something for everyone.


Find a Price Point that Works with Your Budget

One of our best tips on how to choose a senior living community is to choose one that matches both your lifestyle and budget to help you make the most of your retirement income.

A good way to know if you can afford a community is by asking what’s included in their monthly service plan. While communities like Summit Vista include unlimited access to resort-style services and amenities, restaurant-style dining, home cleaning services, home maintenance, utilities, wellness programs and more in their monthly service plan, that’s not always the case.

Break down the monthly fee costs item by item, so you can more accurately compare communities … and compare these costs to what you pay to live in your current residence. Choose the right community for your budget and you may well find that you’ll pay the same (or maybe even less) to live there as you do to live in your private home. Plus, along with all the community-provided services, you’ll have far more amenities and none of the troublesome costs of homeownership.

Summit Vista features two pricing options that work with almost any budget. You can choose the plan that best meets your financial needs, and both options allow you full access to the Summit Vista campus, amenities, and lifestyle. Watch our pricing video to learn more about our innovative and affordable financial models.


Choose a Community with Services and Amenities You Want

One of our top tips on how to choose a senior living community is to choose a community with services and amenities you can see yourself using––ones that can elevate your overall lifestyle. Tour multiple communities to learn what kind would be most enriching and convenient for your retirement lifestyle. Make a list of your must-haves, and see which community offers the most.

These are some services and amenities Summit Vista offers to help you create a list and compare:

  • Heated indoor pool and hot tub
  • Fitness center
  • Restaurant and café-style dining venues
  • Private dining room
  • Areas for hobbies and games
  • Woodworking shop
  • Creative arts studio
  • Outdoor garden areas
  • Putting green
  • Hair and nail salon
  • Areas for nondenominational worship
  • Library
  • Bank
  • Convenience store
  • All maintenance in both homes and common areas
  • On- and off-site transportation
  • On-call medical care
  • Around-the-clock security by trained first responders
  • Access to resident-driven activities, such as classes and trips
  • Home cleaning services


Look for a Community that Provides You with a Smart Plan for the Future

Life Plan Communities offer access to higher levels of care on one campus, should you ever need them. They also offer wide-ranging benefits to help you lead a fulfilling, active lifestyle and maintain your independence as you age. Choosing a Life Plan Community can also provide financial stability, as residents often pay an entrance fee that guarantees on-site access to any future senior care they may need at prices well below market rate.

Summit Vista is Utah’s first Life Plan Community, and we’ve made it our mission to help you successfully write your next chapters by providing you peace of mind that comes with a full continuum of care. No matter where your story leads, your needs will be taken care of right here in our vibrant community.


Enjoy a Gourmet Lunch and Discover What Makes Our Community One of a Kind

You and a guest can learn more details about our community, and enjoy a delicious meal from one of our masterful chefs at a free lunch and learn. During your visit, you’ll be treated to a tour of our breathtaking 62,000-square-foot clubhouse and exceptional amenities. Plus, you’ll get to meet people who make our community the best place to be during retirement. RSVP online or call our retirement counselors at 801-758-3138 to make a reservation. We can’t wait to meet you!