5 Festive Ideas For Decorating A Dazzling Themed Tree

November 19, 2018

Aside from rotating the ornaments, replacing worn-out tinsel, or swapping the lights, most people’s tradition of decorating a tree for the holidays tends to lack much variation from year to year. So, why not mix things up with a bold theme this year? The options are endless.


Here are five to get your creativity kicking.


  1. The Neon Tree

Go bold this holiday with a strikingly fun and vibrant neon tree. Most neon colors pair well with golds and silvers, offering a funky twist to your festivities.


  1. The Mini Tree

Whether for space or simplicity, the mini Christmas tree is becoming a popular trend. Not only is decorating far less overwhelming, but a tree in every room is possible.


  1. The Frosted Tree

Nothing sings white Christmas like a snow-dusted pine. Add white ornaments, silver bells, and a touch of gold, and you’ll have a winter wonderland right in your living room.


  1. The Monochrome Tree

This black-and-white beauty not only paints a perfectly monochromatic Christmas, it’s perfect for the avant-garde rule-breaker seeking something a little unconventional.


  1. The Patriotic Tree

Who says red, white, and blue is limited to the Fourth of July? Throw in a few American flags and silver ornaments and you’ll have a tree worthy of a salute.