5 Reasons Why The Holidays Are A Great Time To Tour A Life Plan Community

November 29, 2021

Life Plan Communities have plenty to offer senior adults who are looking to make the most of their golden years. From endless amenities and onsite health care options to maintenance-free apartment homes and more, there’s no shortage of ways they make retirement easier. But reaching the decision to move isn’t always as simple. In most cases, it takes a little research and a tour or two to arrive at the choice that’s best for you. Fortunately, the holiday season is one of the best times to plan an informative visit. Here are a few reasons why:


1. Joyful environment

The winter holidays usually carry an undeniable warmth and joy with them—and that inviting warmth is especially plentiful in Life Plan Communities. Amidst the colorful decorations, twinkling lights, and festive celebrations typically on display throughout a community’s clubhouse, restaurants, and other public spaces, residents and staff are often buoyant with equally cheerful spirits.


As you make plans to attend a scheduled community event or arrange a tour, this lighthearted seasonal atmosphere may serve to help ease some of the anxiety you or your loved one may be feeling as you contemplate the decision to transition into the independent, maintenance-free living offered in a Life Plan Community.


2. Events, amenities, and activities aplenty

One of the hallmarks of a Life Plan Community is the robust list of events, activities, socials, and amenities they offer residents year-round. However, during the holiday season, that list of events is usually significantly increased, offering everyone, including visitors and prospective residents, even more opportunities to personally attend and share in the excitement of the season and community.


While current pandemic circumstances have certainly disrupted the usual flow and scheduling of holiday events and activities, that doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing going on. Simply contact a community representative to find out what options are available. From tree-lighting celebrations, to craft classes, to informative webinars, there are sure to be a variety of ways for you to get a taste of community life firsthand. Not to mention see how residents interact with each other or how the staff coordinates everything.


3. Family input

While the holidays are generally a time when families come together to share in the festivities of the season, they also provide an opportune moment to get out and visit senior community options together as well. By scheduling a tour during a time when family and loved ones are able to join, you’ll be able to get an even better sense of how truly family-friendly and welcoming a Life Plan Community is, as well as get in-person reactions and valued opinions from those who accompany you on your visit.


If there’s an opportunity for you and your invited guests to attend a community preview event where lunch or dinner will be served, be sure and take advantage. By doing so, you will not only be able to sample the quality of the food served, but also mingle with other residents in the restaurants or clubhouse and find out how they enjoy living there.


4. Ice breakers

While the holiday season is generally associated with colder temperatures, it also provides the perfect opportunity to “break the ice” and meet new people. And making new friendships within a new community can also help make the idea of moving a little easier, not to mention more inviting.


As such, scheduling your tour when it may coincide with a cheerful holiday event or social will open you up to greater opportunities to become better acquainted with other residents, as well as with the community itself. In turn, greater familiarity with the community will help you to feel more confident in your decision, while minimizing any uncertainty that may come from the unknown.


5. Beat the New Year’s rush

The first few months of the New Year are typically filled with personal resolutions that range from diet and exercise to home and financial planning. As such, they tend to be a very popular, and consequently busy, time to tour Life Plan Communities and other senior living options.


Rather than wait for the holiday season to come to a close, consider exploring your options during the final months of the year or even getting your reservation deposit made before January arrives. In fact, many communities even offer special incentives to new residents who make their move-in deposit during the final months of the year.


If all this sounds great and you’re interested in attending our next community preview event or scheduling a personalized tour, we encourage you to call us today at 801-758-3138. Or feel free to visit https://summitvista.com to request your free information kit and learn more about the life that awaits you in Utah’s first Life Plan Community.