5 Reasons to Consider a Life Plan Community

September 6, 2022

A Life Plan Community (formally known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community) helps senior citizens age 62 and older lead full and fulfilling lives after retirement. It is the gold standard in retirement communities.


If you’re of the mindset that Utah senior living communities are only for people who need 24/7 care for debilitating health conditions, it’s time to reframe. Life Plan Communities enable you to move in while you’re still young and healthy and enjoy a life of vigor and joy with people at your same age and stage. Should you need additional support as you increase in age, it’s all here for you in a familiar place where you’ve already put down roots and established a support system.


For retirees with more advanced needs, Life Plan Communities facilitate independence and provide access to higher levels of care. And the best part is in the name: life. The focus of Life Plan Communities is not simply to provide care (as seen with many alternatives), but to provide the opportunity to live life to the fullest at every stage of adult living.


Below are the most compelling reasons to seek out a Life Plan Community.


1. Focuses on Holistic Health

A Life Plan Community takes into account the physical, mental, and social health of all its residents. Most communities offer healthy food options, fitness centers, wellness programs, and physical trainers to keep residents in tip-top shape. These options that support a healthy body also help facilitate a healthy mind. To further support mental health, many of these communities also provide access to counselors and other mental health resources.


In addition to caring for your mind and body, Life Plan Communities help fend off isolation and loneliness by providing a wealth of social interactions that allow people to connect. These interactions keep your mind young and engaged and allow you to maintain a robust social life, which, in turn, supports mental health.


2. Decreases Stress

Living in a Life Plan Community ensures that you have a permanent address. Moving, especially in a later stage of life, is a major source of stress and disorientation. But, these communities allow you to age in place.


They provide care adjustments as your health needs change. When you start to require higher levels of care, the Life Plan Community is prepared for that. You will not have to leave behind your social scene, etc. for your changing needs.


Life Plan Communities give you peace of mind. Many help you with estate planning and the settling of other affairs to ensure that you are ready to move in. You may also be able to lock in price plans so that you will not need to worry about increasing health care costs over time, and these plans often offer tax advantages as well.

3. Ensures Maintenance-free Living

Leave behind the headaches of home maintenance and spend time doing tasks you actually enjoy. Imagine not having to worry about things like mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, fixing your appliances, or maintaining the interior or exterior of your home. Many communities even allow you to outsource house cleaning and cooking. Instead of worrying about upkeep, you can go on walks, play golf, exercise, pick up a new hobby, travel with friends, etc.


Many communities also offer service packages so that you aren’t trying to keep up with a litany of bills from different companies. They can condense most of your living and healthcare expenses into a single, tidy bill.

4. Provides Easy Access to Programs and Amenities

When living in a Life Plan Community, you will have the ability to participate in a variety of programs. These may include exercise programs where you can take fitness classes with friends and increase your overall health. Most communities also offer continuing education programs as well that help to keep your mind sharp and allow you to learn in the company of others.


These programs are supported by a host of amenities that may include community gardens, libraries, fitness centers, swimming pools, putting greens, art studios, hair and nail salons, worship centers, banks, computer labs, dining options (from cafes to fine dining), convenience stores, and performing art centers. Whether it be taking a dip in the pool, taking your golf game to the next level, or watching a musical performance, there is always something to pique your interest, and you don’t have to drive across town to take advantage of it. The opportunities come to you.

5. Provides Peace

Many elderly people choose Life Plan Communities because they provide peace of mind for both residents and their families. They can settle in, establish friendships, and decide on health care options. Should their health begin to falter, everything is in place for their support. There’s no last minute scrambling or moving to a new and unfamiliar setting. Family members will not have to make drastic choices in emergency situations.


In addition, most communities offer round-the-clock security for an exceptionally safe environment. Features often include personal alert systems, built-in security systems, and more.


If you’re not just interested in aging, but in aging exceptionally, look into a Life Plan Community. Call us at Summit Vista in Taylorsville to learn more. There’s a reason we were honored with U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Independent Living” award. We’re Utah’s first Life Plan Community, and we pride ourselves on unsurpassed service. We can help you know if a Life Plan Community is right for you.