Bring Out The Green In Your Thumb With These 5 Easy Houseplants

February 6, 2019

From promoting positivity to purifying the air, plants can take your indoor space from winter cold to sunny spring. But a lack of space, natural light, and know-how can make achieving green-thumb status seem impossible. Don’t give up on plant ownership yet. Here are five that can thrive in almost all homes.


Chinese Evergreen

Also known as the Cutlass Aglaonema, this leafy plant does best in indirect sunlight and can thrive in low-light spaces with low or high humidity. It can even survive on artificial light, if necessary.



The Pothos plant can be hung from a basket or potted normally and thrives in a variety of lighting. The best part, they’re known for their air-purification properties and can rid your home of toxins.


Iron Plant

This plant can survive in low light, poor soil, and with minimal water, making it one of the most durable—as the name suggests. The deep green leaves also add a stunning element of color in your home.


African Violets

These pretty blooms add a brilliant pop of purple to your home and are one of the few flowering plants that require little care. Just water once a week, but avoid getting drips on the leaves. Could cause water spots.



This plant is great for those who need coaching, since it’ll tell you exactly what it wants. For example: if it starts turning yellow, it’s getting too much light. Small leaves? Needs more fertilizer.