5 Benefits of Apartment Living for Seniors

January 6, 2022

When it comes to apartments, most people tend to think of tight, cramped spaces designated for college students or young married couples just getting started. But with home prices on the rise and more and more people seeking greater lifestyle opportunities and freedom, apartment life is quickly becoming the preferred living option—especially among older adults looking to make the most of their retirement years. In fact, many senior adult communities, and Life Plan Communities (LPCs) alike, offer a variety of apartment homes for seniors who love their independence but are ready for a little less responsibility.


So, what are the benefits of living in an apartment in a Life Plan Community? Here are a few that may pique your interest.


  1. Maintenance-free accommodations

Not only can apartment living help you save money on many of the expenses often associated with home ownership, but it can also help you save your back in upkeep and other energy-consuming chores. This, in turn, means you can expect to add more time to your day relaxing, socializing, or pursuing that bucket list you’ve had your eye on completing in retirement.


But the time saving doesn’t stop there. Apartment living within a Life Plan Community means you’ll also have the convenience of having a slew of close-to-home amenities like a fitness center, bank, salon, market, dining venues, and more—all right at your doorstep.


  1. At-home cooking or on-site dining

All of us have happy memories attached to home-cooked meals or being in the kitchen. Fortunately, today’s apartment homes are equipped with modern, open kitchen floor plans, perfect for preparing delicious meals and bringing friends and family together.


But even world-class chefs need a night off every now and then. So, whether you want to put your culinary skills to use or want someone else to do it for you, apartment living within a Life Plan Community gives you the option (and benefit) of having on-site restaurants right at your fingertips.


  1. Activities aplenty

Now that retirement is a reality, you finally have time for all those activities you’ve been meaning to do but never got around to. Whether your ambitions include traveling, pursuing new hobbies, spending more time with grandkids, or even furthering your education, apartment living alleviates you from many of the responsibilities of home ownership. That means less time working on the to-do list and more time tackling the bucket list.


But where to start? The answer you’re looking for might be found in a Life Plan Community. LPCs typically offer a full schedule of activities, special events, socials, educational courses, and volunteer opportunities to keep you actively engaged all year long. And with so many neighbors in your apartment building, the chances of finding people who share your interests is even greater—which means you won’t have to go to yoga by yourself.


  1. Lower cost of ownership

Many seniors seek apartment life in retirement, if only as a financially wise way to significantly decrease the amount of expenses that come with owning a house. If something goes awry, like the sink backing up or the water heater going out, most apartment complexes have a superintendent or maintenance staff on duty and ready to fix it.


But maintenance isn’t the only expense you may bypass by living in an apartment. In fact, many Life Plan Communities offer most repairs at no extra cost to their residents. You can also rest assured property taxes won’t be part of the equation.


  1. Safety and peace of mind

When considering the pros and cons of an apartment vs. a house, it never hurts to take your personal safety into consideration. Multi-unit apartment complexes often offer security features that can’t be as easily found in a home, such as gated community entry, security cameras, on-site first-response-trained personnel, etc. It also doesn’t hurt having neighbors close by that can respond if something happens or seems out of the ordinary.


But Life Plan Communities take peace of mind even further. Within an LPC apartment home, you’ll find safety features like grab bars in the bathrooms or an in-apartment emergency call system that will alert staff members if a need arises.


At Summit Vista, we realize your expectations for retirement are ever-changing. You want to maximize every moment, discover new possibilities and, most importantly, find the peace of mind to achieve a happy, healthy future that’s free of concern. We want that, too.


For more information about Summit Vista or the benefits of moving into our Life Plan Community, speak with your retirement counselor, or call (801) 758-3138 today.

Jun 29, 2022 at 1:39 pm

How great that you mention all the activities available while living in an apartment. I want to move this summer. I will find a great 2-bedroom apartment available for rent in the area.