7 Ways to Stay Busy During Retirement | Summit Vista

July 28, 2022

Retirement can feel like a weight off your shoulders. No more strict schedule, no more work grind, and no more trying to find time for your own hobbies and interests. But wait, what do you do with more free time than you’ve ever had before in your entire life? The idea of sudden free time can feel strange when you’re first retired. Do you need ideas on how to occupy your free time? Read on for 7 ideas on how to spend your free time during retirement.

Andy Kalmon

Andy Kalmon

Andy Kalmon, CEO of Benny.

1. Traveling While Freelancing Your Skills

When you finally make it to your retirement years, you should spend your time doing the things you love – and the things you’ve always wanted to try. I mean, after all, you’ve certainly earned it! Many people plan to travel a lot in retirement. If you still want to work a little bit in retirement to avoid boredom, keep your brain working, or even just earn some extra cash, then freelancing your skills while traveling is a great idea. It allows you to pick when and where you take jobs, and you can set your rates. You can craft a schedule that works perfectly for you, and you don’t even have to be consistent about it.

Carter Seuthe

Carter Seuthe

Carter Seuthe, CEO, Credit Summit.

2. Spend More Time Doing Things That Bring Joy

One thing to look forward to during retirement is having the ability to slow down in every aspect of life. Spending more time with family, more time with yourself, and more time doing things that bring  joy without the stress and responsibility of work. You can spend time enjoying the things that bring you joy and are meaningful and be unapologetic with how you spend your time.

Todd Saunders

Todd Saunders

Todd Saunders, CEO of FlooringStores.

3. Trying out RV Living

One big retirement dream of several people is to try out RV living. The idea of living on the road, traveling the country at your leisure, and seeing sights you haven’t had time to see due to your work schedule. The absence of any demands on your time will make it easier to turn everyday into a travel adventure.

Ashley Woodyatt

Ashley Woodyatt

Ashley Woodyatt, the Marketing Manager at Woodyatt Curtains.

4. Spend More Time On Hobbies and Favorite Sports to Keep Active

Another thing you can do during your retirement years is spend more time doing the activities you enjoy but can’t justify when you’ve got to manage your time around work commitments.

For example, you can plan to spend additional time volunteering in your community, using your skills to help worthy organizations. You can also plan to invest more time in your hobbies and favorite sports so that you keep your mind and body active.

David Reid

David Reid

David Reid, Sales Director at VEM.

5. Reading Books

Many people like to read books but have trouble finding time to sit down and enjoy a book. Once you are retired you can prioritize your reading time and finally get to the book you’ve been waiting to read. Reading can help keep your mind sharp, pass the time, and can also lead to other social activities like joining a book club

6. Spending Time With Family

A lot of senior adults prefer to spend their retirement days with their family. Oftentimes people fail to devote adequate  time to their spouse or children, but now in the retirement phase, can try to give as much time to their spouse. Although, the children will not have as much time because they will be living their own lives. You can spend time with your family playing games, singing, gardening, and much more.

7. Experience a Retirement Lifestyle Designed Around You


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